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Why Johnny Depp is charismatic

Posted by xsplat on June 30, 2014

It’s not his upper lip, with that huge cupids bow.

Straight males explain their orientation, but make an exception for Depp.

The Pareto Principle explicates that we can’t know what we don’t know. It’s above our pay grade to know certain state secrets. We are too ignorant and stupid to know what it is about each of Depps characters that is still so magnetizing and hypnotic.

Tonight I’m all dressed up. I’ve got my best shoes. The good pants. My body and my hormones are all lined up. I’ve stayed away from the banana head for a few day to up the sexual frustration.

But I’m still at home, looking in the mirror.

I think that’s the beginning of how Depp began his learning process.

A few years ago I took up the piano. I just left it to play; boys learn by play. Just play around, and the natural feedback mechanism will adjust the outcomes. I’ve learned a lot through play, and that continues every day. I get instant feedback. I can hear it.

The mirror.

The mirror tells me surprising things, as the piano. There is a surprising amount of influence over my own internal state, and it’s a surprise how even I’m influenced by the mirror. I change, I see, and then I change.

The fluidity and control, can be, through a feedback loop, increased.

Depp is a dazzling exmample of learned charisma. Genius, talent. And learning.

I’ve got some tapped and apparently plenty of untapped genius. Wiring can wire up. It’s a matter of using Pavlovs principles to movitave, and feedback.

I hit someone, years ago. I used the left hand in a cross jab to the chin, and the left followed up with more. It happened so fast.

My left eye connects to the part of my brain that gives me visions when I sleep. There is amazing magic there.

A stroke deprived my retinal neurons of oxygen long enough to cause temporary blindness, and the left eye never recovered. But the hemispheres connect well enough that my left eye can use the right. Have you heard of Mesmer? It’s remarkable what an eye can do. My left face is as amazing as my dreams.

I think people learn things. These talents, even the greatest talents. We can approach them.

I won’t rival Bach. I won’t rival Depp. But I can start to approach them.

4 Responses to “Why Johnny Depp is charismatic”

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  2. Depp and a bunch of other guys were showed to teenage girls to determine if one could be a star, and the girls went “woo hoo!” over Depp. That’s how he became a star. He was born with it, and had little to learn.

    • xsplat said

      Ya, he’s a looker. But it’s foolish to ignore his acting talent. And as soon as you don’t ignore it, then things get noticed, and questions come up.

      That seems obvious to me, and I am suspect of those who don’t find it obvious.

  3. Ken said

    If I am not mistaken, Depp divorced a woman because of the psychological abuse he was being subjected to. Good for him for stating things as they were. Hope that gives more men more courage to speak up and to get out of toxic relationships. That said, isn’t Depp the actor who was born in the Midwest, who speaks with a British accent? I’m not saying I know these things for a fact, but you might want to look them up.

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