Jim Jones said: What does sponsorship cost in Indonesia where you live? I’ve heard it cost $1000 a month to maintain a good looking girl in Thailand now. I look at it like marriage but not being married.

The sexual bargain is haggled out individually. In my late thirties in Thailand I only paid for dinner and drinks for my multiple girlfriends. Now if I have a live in I also give a very small monthly allowance, on top of paying all expenses such as clothing, and I actually prefer to financially support, feed, and house other girls I’m dating.

An allowance is often an expectation, and a girl likes to brag about how much she is worth. I thought badly of the whole process and refused it for the longest time.

But every sexual bargain is that – girls make their subconscious calculations.

You know how they say that if you have oneitis you need to find and fuck 20 other girls? Because if we perceive options, our emotions will follow suit and we won’t be so bonded.

That is what emotions are for and what they do. They are the felt outputs of subconscious calculations.

If you are in important ways a girls best option, you’ll receive emotional outputs for that. I realize many will have a unique and incredible insight that money alone is a chumps game and won’t buy love, and to those geniuses I’ll point out that a propeller alone won’t make an airplane fly. Money is an important component of a sexual bargain – you don’t have to have it, but what you do have affects what you are and what you can offer. And therefore what you can receive, and from who.

The bonding emotions merely overlap with fling emotions; there are different valuable rewards for the different types of relationships. However those most skilled with LTRs should be able to mix up both and have high intensity kinky fun as well as lots of hugely addictive oxytocin and warm bonding with their bottom-bitch-love-slave. I suspect guys who are not in love and don’t miss it are simply unaware of what they are not missing.

Anything worthwhile will have different worths and costs. We can plan for genuine heartbreak and pain and stress and constant positioning, but a skilled relationship/life tactician will also be well rewarded in ways other men may not even have the reference points to imagine. Divorced men often assume they know all about the rewards and faults of LTRs. And divorced men will have learned much.

But relationships are like music. You don’t just learn music.

People say, “Oh, I swallowed the red pill, and now I know game”. Nobody did that. That’s like saying, “Oh, I studied music and now I know music.” Nobody knows music. Music is endless, within finity. What you can do with relationships is like music. Nobody just knows music – each composition can be quite different than another, and each will depend upon inward and outward circumstances.

A person can become a better musician. But a person can never know music. Just like game or LTR game. You never know it, and you are always learning it – and it’s always surprising and revealing.

So the salary depends on how valuable you are in other areas, as well as what you can afford. I paid less than $200/month to my M when living together. I pay various expenses for N18 now, including her apartment and anything else she needs.

I think people vastly over estimate the long term staying powers of what it is the young bring to the sexual bargain.

Strategically we must plan. And planning is for the future. And in all our futures we are old.

Old men need more money for their sexual bargains.

More money means more sexual bargaining power – and that translates to more testosterone, higher libido, more confidence, more options, and on and on. Money is a big part of a mans sexual currency in his old age.

I know younger guys will not only be unable to hear this, but will scoff. Scoff away. We all get old. Better to be old and rich. And well connected and powerful.

That’s a HUGE component of long term game.

And that’s what life is. A long term game.