trungpa-r-at-karme-cholingkarme-cholinggoogle-office-interior-3-700x466People like to place big Buddha paintings on their walls. Don’t you feel more at ease now, in the presence of a calm and protecting dominant male figure?

The patriarch holds a psychologically essential role to a group. We can learn by examples of how to play that game successfully, and magnetize the smartest and most beautiful people together into a successful family.

In this post I’ll talk about the crucial role that your building plays.

When Google started out, they spent truck loads of money on building an exciting work place. It was not only to be their center of operations, but it was carefully designed for psychological impact, in order to garner the best possible recruits. A business is it’s employees, and a core power to attract the core of the business is the building.

I rented a 4 story 5 by 30 meter shophouse here in Indonesia, and have built an aviary garden onto the 5th floor roof and built on two more 5X7 meter stories out of bamboo. This is my 2nd shophouse but the scale of it allows for it to play a different role. Six carpenters have been flown in from a far away village in a far away island to live and work here full time on renovations. Renovating is a slow and expensive process, and everything is a shamble until all at once you see how the pieces that were in your mind have fit together to form a fantastic new space. I spent much of yesterday gardening and arranging plants. Sci-fi author Robert Heinlein had a list of essential man skills, and if gardening wasn’t on it, it should be. Our nest is our display.

A new intern arrived last week, and it is a spectacular fit. He not only shares many interests and attitudes and aptitudes with Cody and myself, but has had a parallel background to me at his age. He’s been instantly productive, and has slotted right in as if our puzzle was waiting for him to bring his pieces. He’s been photo-documenting the renovation progress since arriving, and had attached photos to an email to his buddy along with an explanation of our setup.

In part because of the building, his talented friend is interested to come out and join us. “Oh, that place looks really cool. Ya, I might want to come out.”

It is not only women who want to see outward displays of success. Banks invest huge sums in letting you walk around in their physical opulence. You feel secure. There is something solid around you.

A patriarch knows the value of people. And for that he creates a physical space – a meeting space. A center of vibrant enthusiasm. A place where people can socialize and can expect to meet potential mates, hang out, network and earn. The happening spot, where all social needs can be met – our needs for community and sex and food and physical and financial support. A place to sleep, dance, get fed, fuck, get taken care of if you are sick, hang out silently with others around you, be alone in quiet spots a short distance away from others, gossip, plan, work.

And so month after month thousands of dollars are invested into this place.

This place is the center of what will attract the people who will become this patriarchs biggest asset.

The people who will bring in more people and more money and more happiness.

Thinking big like this doesn’t occur to most people. We usually think to either go it alone, or become part of an organization. But if you get to a place where you are ready to be that Buddha face on the wall and take on the role of being the dominant presence that allows people to feel secure and part of a family, then you will need a place.


Hdjdjd said: You can work in an opulent bank office and hate it to bits. You can work in a mcoffice with a bunch of really cool people and love it to bits. I think the culture you work in is more important than the building. People are attracted to google more on a culture then an office building basis. Many other nearby companies offer similar offices.

Ya, and you don’t need money or looks to attract women. And not ALL women are like that. And variables don’t matter at all, because of other variables.

You know exactly what I’m saying, and you understand the message of this post. But you came up with a counter argument, and past experience with forum and blog conversations leads me to imagine your motive being that your sexual competitive strategy is different; in other words you don’t compete that way and so your brain through it’s system of rewards and punishments guides you to dismiss your competition. Like a highschool teenager struggling for social status you instinctively dismiss the competition who are using other strategies. “The jocks are doing it wrong! The honor students are doing it wrong! The camera club crew and the drama students and the chess geeks are doing it wrong, and all the girls who are fucking all those guys are doing it wrong!”

It’s a standard emotional logic, to start with dismissing the rivals and then explain why. But dismissing the competition is an impotent approach to competing. People who allow themselves to do so think they are playing king of the hill but are just working to re-balance their self esteem. It’s is an ineffectual strategy as the people who matter are not positively influenced. The best it does is rally others with similar strategies into a clique.

Being a patriarch is the ideal set up for an older gentleman. Only one in 100 will attempt for it, and one in 10,000 achieve it, but the silver back position has awesome rewards. And here are some pointers for how to set up that situation. You’re welcome.