cooing“I love you Daddy. I love you with all my heart, and all my soul. And with my pussy. And with my whole life”.

“Yes, I can feel it when you eat my dick. You swallow it like you are so hungry. I can feel the love in your mouth. You even eat my asshole with love. And it’s different now when you fuck me – you give your whole self over to me. Your heart is connected to your pussy now. I don’t know how many boys you fucked before and I never will know, but I know you never felt like this for anyone else before. You are addicted to me and I own you. You’re my daughter and my slave.”


I made love with both of my girls today. What I noticed is that today I pulled them both a lot closer emotionally.

Guys who aren’t much into the LTR arts are often unaware of the sexual power in “beta” acts such as love. But if you don’t unlock a girls heart centre and get her to mix it with her 2nd cakra raw sex energy then you haven’t fully turned her on. It’s well known that sex on love is the ultimate drug. And we all know what happens with drugs. People get addicted.

And so consider the arts of cooing. Talk during sex is an opportunity to get her to swoon into your emotion; mix with you in coo-space. That space can take on many flavours, and the more varied and interesting you can make coo-space the better. It allows her to express more of her nature if you have a broad virtuosity.

“You are my little bitch.” That is coo space.
“Daddy loves you”. Coo space
“Say “I’m your little bitch! Say it again! Say it again! Say it again!”
“You are so pretty”
“I can feel the love in your pussy”
“Oh babe! I feel that! I feel that!” As she approaches orgasm or is in a long near-climax
“You’re my slave”
“I own you.”
“You were a teenager on the street, but I stole you and made you fall in love with me. You never fucked anyone like you do with me before.”
“You were a virgin and afraid of sex, but I stole you and made you mine and now you love me with your whole being and are addicted to my cock”
“I love you”

With coo space you can inject some narrative to give it a little structure. The role play need not be fantasy, it can be your romantic backstory. But regardless of how grounded it is, you enter an emotional space with her. And even if she does not yet know that she will fall in love with you, you can lead her into these emotional spaces and step by step she will open up and get addicted and go further and further with you into a mutual emotional journey.

Both girls are in many ways fucked up chicks. But some parts of their brains and bodies work well enough to be able share sex and love well.

I had to teach both of them.

M was an asexual freak virgin who took over a year to grow into her sexuality. Now she comes easily and is still habituated to open in genuine strong passionate love each sex session.

N18 (formerly N17) used to prefer to cuddle to fuck. She would suck dick mechanically. Now she gives it her all and then some. Where before she felt pain and shyness riding on top, now she’s a star endurance ecstasy athlete. She prides herself on her sexual attentiveness. She’s better than a pro. After a long tag-team session of trading out who is on top, she’ll go down on me with “You just lie down and relax and let me do my thing”.

Please don’t underestimate the value to yourself personally to have strong LTR game. It will allow you not only long term regular sexual access – even non-monogamously – but you’ll be able to share fulfilling emotional spaces with girls. You’ll soon notice that this sharing of love is very much like a food. You’ll feel a particular quality of happiness in your life that you can’t really get in any other way. Sexual love is different than sex. It’s a type of emotional support, and it’s also regular releases into intense and shared ecstasy.

This is not “manosphere” wisdom.

You heard it here and you only hear it here.

Update: Rollo’s recent post is about not buying lingerie for a girl, as she should take it upon herself to express her level of attraction. It’s true that you can’t negotiate or demand desire, however it’s also not true. Just as if you force a smile you will feel happier, if you force a girl into the exterior situations of displaying shared love, her brain will look at what she’s doing and interpret it as a sign of an internal emotion. So you can and should enforce outward signs of devotion from a girl, such as telling her what to wear and what to do and even what to say. While fucking: “Say I love you Daddy! Say it!” Silence. Slap!! “Ow! I love you Daddy!”

You have to really be in the flow moment and know her psychology and internal state inside and out to be able to pull that off with an actual slap. She has to actually love you. It’s provoking a shit test. If she won’t say it you punish her, and then that creates passing a shit test even though she didn’t initiate the shit test. You demand her love. And that is admirable, on a deep visceral level. You will accept none other than her full devotion.

But it’s very, very subtle. Because you also give her complete freedom. She’s free to either be your totally devoted slave or to leave at any time. There are layers and layers to it. But every now and then you touch into that cave man level of all the layers. Even if just as role play. Every now and then you own her like a piece of property. And then you say “You are my property”.