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Xsplat brand wisdom; coo for increased satisfaction.

Posted by xsplat on February 20, 2014

cooing“I love you Daddy. I love you with all my heart, and all my soul. And with my pussy. And with my whole life”.

“Yes, I can feel it when you eat my dick. You swallow it like you are so hungry. I can feel the love in your mouth. You even eat my asshole with love. And it’s different now when you fuck me – you give your whole self over to me. Your heart is connected to your pussy now. I don’t know how many boys you fucked before and I never will know, but I know you never felt like this for anyone else before. You are addicted to me and I own you. You’re my daughter and my slave.”


I made love with both of my girls today. What I noticed is that today I pulled them both a lot closer emotionally.

Guys who aren’t much into the LTR arts are often unaware of the sexual power in “beta” acts such as love. But if you don’t unlock a girls heart centre and get her to mix it with her 2nd cakra raw sex energy then you haven’t fully turned her on. It’s well known that sex on love is the ultimate drug. And we all know what happens with drugs. People get addicted.

And so consider the arts of cooing. Talk during sex is an opportunity to get her to swoon into your emotion; mix with you in coo-space. That space can take on many flavours, and the more varied and interesting you can make coo-space the better. It allows her to express more of her nature if you have a broad virtuosity.

“You are my little bitch.” That is coo space.
“Daddy loves you”. Coo space
“Say “I’m your little bitch! Say it again! Say it again! Say it again!”
“You are so pretty”
“I can feel the love in your pussy”
“Oh babe! I feel that! I feel that!” As she approaches orgasm or is in a long near-climax
“You’re my slave”
“I own you.”
“You were a teenager on the street, but I stole you and made you fall in love with me. You never fucked anyone like you do with me before.”
“You were a virgin and afraid of sex, but I stole you and made you mine and now you love me with your whole being and are addicted to my cock”
“I love you”

With coo space you can inject some narrative to give it a little structure. The role play need not be fantasy, it can be your romantic backstory. But regardless of how grounded it is, you enter an emotional space with her. And even if she does not yet know that she will fall in love with you, you can lead her into these emotional spaces and step by step she will open up and get addicted and go further and further with you into a mutual emotional journey.

Both girls are in many ways fucked up chicks. But some parts of their brains and bodies work well enough to be able share sex and love well.

I had to teach both of them.

M was an asexual freak virgin who took over a year to grow into her sexuality. Now she comes easily and is still habituated to open in genuine strong passionate love each sex session.

N18 (formerly N17) used to prefer to cuddle to fuck. She would suck dick mechanically. Now she gives it her all and then some. Where before she felt pain and shyness riding on top, now she’s a star endurance ecstasy athlete. She prides herself on her sexual attentiveness. She’s better than a pro. After a long tag-team session of trading out who is on top, she’ll go down on me with “You just lie down and relax and let me do my thing”.

Please don’t underestimate the value to yourself personally to have strong LTR game. It will allow you not only long term regular sexual access – even non-monogamously – but you’ll be able to share fulfilling emotional spaces with girls. You’ll soon notice that this sharing of love is very much like a food. You’ll feel a particular quality of happiness in your life that you can’t really get in any other way. Sexual love is different than sex. It’s a type of emotional support, and it’s also regular releases into intense and shared ecstasy.

This is not “manosphere” wisdom.

You heard it here and you only hear it here.

Update: Rollo’s recent post is about not buying lingerie for a girl, as she should take it upon herself to express her level of attraction. It’s true that you can’t negotiate or demand desire, however it’s also not true. Just as if you force a smile you will feel happier, if you force a girl into the exterior situations of displaying shared love, her brain will look at what she’s doing and interpret it as a sign of an internal emotion. So you can and should enforce outward signs of devotion from a girl, such as telling her what to wear and what to do and even what to say. While fucking: “Say I love you Daddy! Say it!” Silence. Slap!! “Ow! I love you Daddy!”

You have to really be in the flow moment and know her psychology and internal state inside and out to be able to pull that off with an actual slap. She has to actually love you. It’s provoking a shit test. If she won’t say it you punish her, and then that creates passing a shit test even though she didn’t initiate the shit test. You demand her love. And that is admirable, on a deep visceral level. You will accept none other than her full devotion.

But it’s very, very subtle. Because you also give her complete freedom. She’s free to either be your totally devoted slave or to leave at any time. There are layers and layers to it. But every now and then you touch into that cave man level of all the layers. Even if just as role play. Every now and then you own her like a piece of property. And then you say “You are my property”.

14 Responses to “Xsplat brand wisdom; coo for increased satisfaction.”

  1. Lingerie said

    The manosphere deals in the currency of primal motivations (a heady space); coincidentally, the very motivations most likely to get someone to click on “purchase.” One will find products vehemently defended, even when the logic of those defenses is sorely lacking, at best; sloppy, at worst. More than one venture has made a handsome living off manipulating and faux framing those emotions through their ad copy lies and string-along programming (upsells).

    Anger is a core visceral emotion that is very useful for marketing (as is sex). Its invocation is difficult to argue against, but also very difficult to respect, for those in the know. If one is to expend one’s precious energy being angry, the key is to direct that energy into the proper channel that might produce constructive results in one’s own life. That requires the elbow grease of independent research. Females exist for your pleasure, not your anger. Oasis, and all that.

    Heads up ball, gentlemen. Exercise discernment.

    • xsplat said

      So you are implying that invoking the feelings of unhappiness in others and creating and coalescing and in-group based upon their unhappy anger is a good way to sell e-books?

      In-group thinking is a trait of the human mind. Many of our thoughts are not rational, but chosen politically – we agree with our in group and those with social power around us.

      That can also be dangerous. Being a sheep can be even more dangerous than stepping outside the box and doing a double take.

      Yes, the politics of fail has been used as a community wide glue and way to pump up interest in selling ebooks for how to avoid and ignore extremely important fundamental human qualities, such as love and intimacy.

      There are entire cultures of fail.

      The most practical and concise piece of wisdom that I know is the serenity prayer.

      God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

      The courage to change the things I can,

      And wisdom to know the difference.

      I’ve read people online who disagree with this wisdom. Outright disagree with it.

      People often want to piss and moan about things outside of their control. Complain about the weather of feminism, or complain about in-equal sexual distribution, or about those dammed crack dealing thug guitar players or about western women or whatever. And then gather in a circle of complain and call that community.

      At least that’s part of what happens. There is also a lot of self growth and discovery and encouraging each other on towards expanding out into the world of possibilities.

      But it’s tainted. It’s still often largely communities encouraging each other to expand out into a twisted and limited way to relate to women. A way completely out of touch with their own intimacy requirements.

      It’s very often communities of broken men fostering brokenness and creating brokenness where there was none.

      Dark triad traits to be emulated as a lifestyle CHOICE?! To become a more happy and fullfilled MAN?

      Dark triad is not a man.

      A man loves.

      Dark triad means you didn’t fix yourself yet. It means you are running on two out of eight cylinders. Nothing to brag about, or promote, or emulate. It is disastrous how communities have been shepherded towards a poisonous view by using their emotions of anger.

      A large swath of the manosphere is a cult of anti-intimacy, composed of directionless followers who have been goaded on by authors who have intimacy avoidance issues into believing that there is no Maslows hierarcy of needs at all and that all they have to do is pump and dump the bitches.

      “Society is broken and is giving away pussy to the wrong men! I’ll show those bitches. I’ll pump and dump em. So there!”

      Ya, how about doing the work that is orders of magnitude more difficult. Become a loving man that women love and enjoy life as a full human to the fullest of your capacity.

  2. dementoid said

    There are so many manosphere blogs I can understand its difficult to read all the material that people post. However JSploosh indirectly talks about this. His main chick has a blog Ksploosh and she blogs about the deep pair bonding that occurs when they have sex

    The raw emotional deep feelings and dirty talk that you are talking about. It’s obvious that they’ve explored these things through the posts that they have. his girl posts that she might not ever have somebody else to give that type of feeling to her.

    He frames it as dominance and while he isn’t the most technical or wordy blogger. The content that he provides just resonates with me personally


  3. Lingerie said

    Note: use of “you” and “your” intended not specifically, but to a larger audience.

    “Ya, how about doing the work that is orders of magnitude more difficult. Become a loving man that women love and enjoy life as a full human to the fullest of your capacity.”

    This sounds reasonable, and healthy, though no writer of ad copy would ever allow it, because of this right here: “doing the work.” Just not as salable as “get laid today,” or “screw the bitches.” One approach sells, one doesn’t, and that’s the human condition. But I feel for men in the manosphere and hope to elevate the entire discussion above such base instincts—I’m fully aware that it will never happen, but I inject my part as a solitary vote toward something better for all men in the manosphere.

    Here’s the manosphere proprietorship in a spectrum quip (though it’s thankfully changing), not the readership, but the proprietors: hate women pump and dump women. That is so fucked up on so many levels that it’s really beyond words. But I get it. I totally get it. A shit ton of males have been fucked over royally by the feminine imperative. An equally shit ton of males have never known what it feels like to be truly loved by a female. I understand the need for males from both ends of that spectrum to have a voice out there that can coherently represent their thoughts and feelings.

    BUT, the proprietors who provide that service, in my humble opinion, should also be nudging those damaged souls toward a final solution that involves LOVE as a core component, rather than stringing them along via their visceral emotions. My definition of “love” is not a romantic or visceral emotion. It is a highly cultivated sense of one’s place in the universe. This cultivation is not being suggested by manosphere proprietors to the souls of their readership, who are aching for it.

    Sell an ebook, I don’t give a shit. But don’t hold your audience in a place that is ultimately unhealthy for them in order to defend your ideological niche—stop the gaslighting. Offer them a way out, or refer them to others who will. But that’s not how business works, “lifetime value” and all that.

    This is such a huge spiritual issue among the voluminous damaged and injured men in the world, that it’s time to place their spiritual healing above defending one’s frame or “being right” in every argument.

    This goes to every single proprietor in the manosphere: Help your readers heal, and help move them along to the next hopefully healthy phase of their life. This should be your goal—to move them along. In every post that you make that correctly identifies the problem, offer your readers a suggestion or two of how to move past that problem, rather than building a community around your brand that merely perpetuates commiseration over said problem. I know that that absolutely runs counter to “business” principles, but fuck all, what kind of world do you want to live in?
    And if you don’t know because you haven’t researched the deeper issues, then have the humility to say, “I don’t know, I haven’t researched the deeper issues. What do you guys think?”, rather than perpetually faux framing your dominance over your readership, as if they were females. Please. We see right through you.

  4. Sploosh said

    “But if you don’t unlock a girls heart centre and get her to mix it with her 2nd cakra raw sex energy then you haven’t fully turned her on.”

    Is this something you specifically teach a girl, or is it something that just happens in the girl if you know how to do it yourself?

    • xsplat said

      People are innately sensitive to the subtlest of cues. Scientists recently discovered mirror neurons and the implications are that a girl will vibe to your vibe. So it’s more of the latter – if you feel love and lust at the same time, you are showing her how and inviting her into that emotional space.

      I read this post http://splooshworld.com/author/jsploosh/ by the way and all my thumbs up.

      • Sploosh said

        OK, that’s what I thought. So that’s been your experience? Girls open up through sympathetic mirroring?

        Different Sploosh, incidentally, but yes that’s great stuff.

      • xsplat said

        I can’t be certain that my mental map of my experience is accurate, but by and large yes. There is a progression of leading a woman into an emotional world. I like to make assumptions from the get go and have her dive right in. I call it love at first sight game.

        My main girl these last few years is caught on my camera phone singing to me, using my fingers as a microphone, on our first date, “There is something in the way, you look at me, it’s as if my heart knows, your the missing piece”. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting there was a little spark, and that very quickly expanded into her considering herself as my mate in my world. We did the normal dance of two people falling in love. As I’ve done that dance plenty of times I could lead it and knew the dance moves she would take.

        She is still uncontrollably bound to me to this day. Because I made it so. Before fucking her a few hours ago I said “Your heart is like an orange – on the outside is the peel of anger, but on the inside I know you still love me.” And then while fucking her as she was coming and coming uncontrollably; “There it is! Thats how you really feel about me! That’s how you really feel.” And on and on putting into words and narrative for her a structure on which to hang her physical sensations and emotions. Telling her what she felt in a believable, true way.

        I own her. And told her so repeatedly over and over while fucking her.

        And now I still do.

        Oh, and I harangued and cajoled and encouraged and supported her in getting her ass to be tighter. She was lazy and resistant for the longest time. But now what a difference. I made it clear to her that it’s her job as a woman to remain sexy for me, and not to slide into being a house-frau. Before she used to dote lovingly very well but would get just a tad complacent with her fat level. So there’s a dissagreement with Rollo’s latest post again. You can’t leave it up to the woman to show her media-is-the-message message. You have some standards and some boundaries and expectations and demands.

        Now that her ass is tighter I can be more attracted to her, and that is the basis of our ongoing mutual emotions that demand from our bodies that we remain intimate and close.

        Her body is bangin. Seriously bangin. Four years only makes me more attracted to her.

        The physical is physical.

        Oh, and my girlfriend from 7 years ago who I lived with for 2.5 years is still very closely in my life, and I see her every day, and she is still cooking and cleaning for me. So that’s three women who cook and clean for me and are very closely bound.

      • t said

        Good examples of coo space.

        I often asked for specific examples, and the response was always to look at the big picture first. But this stuff helps.

        Could you give some examples of the haranguing, cajoling, encouraging, and supporting her to get fit?

    • Lingerie said

      This is not something that girls can “learn,” on their own. It will always require a male conductor to orchestrate the energetic exchange—that’s why “training” a girl is a significant investment (like training employees) not to be wasted on bar sluts (morality aside), which runs counter to picking up random snatch in bars, which is more like being a broker who profits off of each transaction. This is the essence of masculine will. As a male, the energy will flow where you command it to flow, else it will drift, aimlessly. It really is about who you are as a male, what your life goals are, and what you desire from the sexual interaction (transaction vs investment). At an advanced level, yes, you can elicit these energy exchanges from random females, but at a beginner or intermediate level, one is better off expending one’s energy in choosing the correct female, to begin with. Get your traffic quality down first (quality girls), and then start experimenting with optimization.

  5. UCB said


    “Could you give some examples of the haranguing, cajoling, encouraging, and supporting her to get fit?”

    Yeah… get fit. I keep my body fat % in the low teens year-round. If girls see well-defined chest, arms, and abs every time you take off your shirt, you won’t need to say anything. Their insecurity about losing you will motivate them to action. If not, then accept that you’re probably aiming too low and need to find a better girl.

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