Confirmation_Bias-1A guardian personality comes from birth pre-programmed to grow up to say:

“Look at me I’m a stable provider. I’m not like one of those guitar players. I’ll give you marriage, and that’s better for you. Those guitar players are not only bad for you, they’re bad for society”.

Ya, it’s a nice line if you can get a girl to swallow it, however girls who are not also pre-disposed to follow authority (other guardians) may not be motivated by it.

It’s all down to motivation.

Many of us can think reasonably up and until our strategies are put at risk, then we’ll rationalize our positions, which only works up to a point.

Guardians rationalize their position with “well, even if religion isn’t true, it’s still better for people to believe it”. The position of course falls down if you take any close look at it.

Bob Altmeyer did great research on “The Authoritarians” and showed us how guardians are fucking freaky scary in their ability to blindly follow orders. He’s afraid of another charismatic like Hitler rousing the 45% or so of guardians to again lead us into doom.

And this snake-oil the guardians try to sell; that everyone except for them is a nihilistic anti-social thug of a parasite who’ll never properly bond or take proper care of the children is just a lie. A lie their genes told them to tell so that they can get married.

In some ways “game” is just explaining to low-sociosexual score predispositioned men the wider reality of how their sexual strategy offering is no longer as appealing and teaching them the ways of other genetic castes. It doesn’t work as well for people with high-disgust though. Because they are naturally predisposed to offer something else other than “game”, and to people who are naturally predisposed to want something else. They can feel like strangers in a strange land.

For people with genes that have co-opted the disgust reflex to give them an emotional and moral sense of purity towards a girls sexual past, they have to swallow a very bitter pill of reality of what actually motivates girls. A bitter red pill. And then learn ways to motivate girls that are not based upon their innate sexual strategy.

The next time you feel like dissing all the “social leeches”, be true to your vision and throw away the bulk of your music collection, and stop partaking of all the leeches vast social contributions.

Our innate wiring predisposes us to be rewarded for certain thought structures. Our personality types and shared characters are people with similar reward structures. For those with an evolved and genetic predisposition to seek out women as chaste as possible and to form lifetime monogamous bonds with them, you will have a wiring that leads you to prefer a low-socio-sexual score. You will tend to prefer commitment along with your sex, and you’ll prefer that and expect it from others.

This is not something I’m arguing against. But what happens is that such predispositions predispose us to paint our mental maps with huge wide brushes and cartoon-pastels. There is no oil painting of blending colors and the pixels are enormous. Because our agenda only allows us to highlight certain patterns.

The problem isn’t that the patterns we see are false; there is some truth to the family man’s sales pitch. It’s that it’s so cartoonishly simplified as to be nearly false. And there is a solipsism instead of a worldy theory of mind for what motivates people. The different personality types are not noticed, or when they are they are seen as the enemy camp and so alien as to not count. For instance the fact that some men prefer a risky fun partner in crime to a secure friend for life can’t fit it with their agenda, and so such men are simply too stupid to count, or are evil, or are otherwise other; easily dismissed as not part of the in-group of True-Scottsmen. Invisible in their mental map and in their words when describing to women what men want. “All (real and important and high value useful) men share my sexual strategy and agenda, and all men want a low N count woman for a mate! Cats!”

Women in real life do perfectly well fucking around for a while before settling down. In real life the family man’s sales pitch is simply snake oil. Only about 45% of men are highly turned off by a high N count, and even among those most will ignore it. In real life it is not the low-sss-predisposed men who dictate the social rules. They are only one portion of the sexual marketplace. One opportunity among many in the sexual marketplace, and no, they are not always the best opportunity. For the woman or for the children. Or for society.

Low-sss-predisposed men are not the secret Peter Parker underwear hero’s they would like to think themselves as, and women are not as deluded as to their real best options as they would like to believe. The REAL sexual marketplace has them as one option among many – sometimes a best option, sometimes not. And the same goes for women of various ss scores.

If that were not the case then evolution would not have selected for the variety we see today. And nice try on the parasite argument. Pffft. Higher SSS people can and do succeed on all measurements and real world outcomes.

Having a realistic mental map of the real sexual marketplace and the real motivations of all the players in it can only help men of all sexual strategies to better compete.

Update: A related old post which discusses why for some of us a low N-count is not a big factor in mate choice.