It is not flatlant. It is not a democracy. It is not egalitarian. There are winners and losers, there is hierarchy, there is complacency and there is fail. Not everything is equal and not everything is an equally good option.

Being happy is a rare accomplishment. You don’t get it from voting correctly, or having the correct opinions, or having the correct morals, or even having the correct attitude. It is an earned accomplishment that relies on a multitude of accomplishments working in synergy.

I’m one of many fans of Laidnyc’s writing, and am often in agreement with him. Another brother from another mother.

On his latest post about the importance of love I left this comment:

We’re on the same page. It’s as if we are writing the same page.

Yup, a life without oxytocin is a life of fail. Deliberately choosing a life without pair bonding is giving up on life. Yes, that’s saying it strongly, and I’m completely aware how much it pisses people off to hear it. But it’s true. Oxytocin is directly related to meaning – oxytocin is why you feel warm when your child comes across ants on the sidewalk for the first time and looks up at you in wonder and question. Oxytocin is why you wake up and go to sleep warm beside your loved one. Oxytocin gives you reason to be.

A life devoted to dopamine rushes is a life devoted to failing life. Dopamine is great and essential to the good life, but you can’t have a meaningful life that feels rich and warm without oxytocin.