I don’t know, because it’s unknowable. However, ponder these constituents of what must make up karma:

Free will: unknowable. Addicts are divided in their will. There is no one central processor of will. Sugars in the brain and amount of sleep and peer pressure and habit also affect the reservoir of ability to overcome habit and desire with brute decision.

Interdependence: the cold hard fact is that we are not omnipotent. Others also have some measure of free will, and light beams and other vectors such as speeding trains also are not our decision. We do react to the environment. Every single thought you’ve ever had has had it’s ripple originated outside of your self. You didn’t invent English and you didn’t invent colors.

Interdependence within your own brain: if you are familiar with lucid dreaming you’ll know from experience that exerting willpower wakes you from the dream. There is a balance required where you let the storyline play out versus the direct contradiction of seeing through the storyline and realizing that you are dreaming and exerting control. You can’t simply take the reigns and be all will-powery about it, or you’ll wake up. So even within your own mind stream will power is not the whole story. Sometimes you have to give over some of your power and find a balance.

Karma is this: when you visit a museum you can choose to look at pastel watercolors or the literal pile of avant guard bullshit. In a room of people you have some modicum of choice of thoughts which will reverberate around you. You have a choice to educate yourself and make one decision which might affect a future decision and expand out until you’ve altered an entire future.

Or, from the movie “Wedding Crashers”, you have options between a life that includes oxytocin or a life that does not. You can decide that watercolors have SOME place in your life. That life simply feels better with watercolors in them.

That’s a choice, and that’s karma.