People with different life strategies put each other down, because that’s a built in strategy. Monogamous family men and aspiring family men band together as a socialist unit to exclude interlopers, and guys who love women without so many strings attached view family men as slavish dupes.

In fact much of what we think is compelled by our substrate that is built upon a substrate and turtles all the way down.

Evolution happened from the ground up; even atoms are evolved. And our thoughts are not self created. They are dependent upon a substrate that evolved. Evolutionary psychologists recently discovered that even morality itself is evolved. We are hard wired to have moral beliefs. It’s not a matter of a culture war of memes at all. Our GENES wired our brains to have no choice but to deeply feel the truth of the moral choicelessness of not killing our own babies. It’s WRONG.

A rare few people can use our evolved intellect to examine our thinking process. Most can’t join in on that discussion – they will simply explain what is or is not WRONG.

Socio sexual score is also influenced by genetics. And for those who think that women or men “cheating” is “wrong” (note the correct use of quotation marks to denote questionable lego bricks of concept), they will simply be unable to enter the conversation and have any realistic theory of mind about what other people actually feel, think, and experience, when they are non-monogamous.

To the highly socio sexual, or to people who don’t require monogamy as a precursor to physical intimacy, it can be the case that they don’t require monogamy (or as much security) for emotional intimacy either.

They are sexually fluid.

I’m going to drop it and leave it here and ask you to let your imagination take you on a journey.

And taking the unemotional mental sidetrack into K and R strategies does not count as a journey. Face it directly in a subjective journey – be the strategy and allow all of you to travel mentally.