As a consumer of music you can delve into an emotional reverie. The appreciation seems deep enough to you that it means to you that you encompass all the feeling in the music.

But as a producer of music you must learn the geometries of the notes. Chords are relationships between notes, and there are variations of chords that move into variations of other chords. There are options for deliberate mistakes which spike up the sense of resolution for fitting back into sonority.

The piano is a metaphor for life, just like most everything is. As you stretch into it, you become bigger.

There is no ultimate philosophical position; win or lose we all die. But evolution has made us to appreciate some things and told us that they are meaningful, and we have no choice in the matter. Your babies will be meaningful to you – and you have no choice about it. Your heartbreaks will be meaningful to you. And don’t fool yourself about some mystical matter of choice. And growing into new dimensions of experience feels pretty cool. There are endless dimensions to grow into.

I’m not musically talented. I’ve been at this piano thing for over a year, and my memory deficits mean I keep coming back again to discoveries most people would have learned on the first try. But it’s learning.

I’m built to feel it’s meaningful. Thank the creativolution for that.


A movie based on a 1905 novel was on HBO today and it was perfectly red pill. The rich man was a mommas boy born into a matriarchal family, and therefore he never needed to struggle. He found his place by being friendly; he was like water forced between bricks; he was adept at being congenial and finding his place.

Long story short, the female interest fell in love with the jock who had to rise up from a lower station and who was unrepentant about fucking around on his rich older wife and marrying again for money when his wife/sponsor died, in order to give his child the best position. The toy boy/bad boy was preferred over the witty gentleman who had no need to struggle for anything.

Evolution gives us rules, but thankfully it does also give us rewards.

I’d love to diary here about all the ups and downs in our ruko. Ruko is Indonesian for shop house. Cody is my best buddy prodigal adopted son and is killing it. I’ve given him direction plus a long leash plus a lot of time, and he optimized everything he was given. Jacob was not enthused by the projects I’d given him, and things fell apart. A failure of motivation, for which I take responsibility. But now I’m stoked about his new project. Seriously; it’s not the same level of stoked as a new fling, but almost. Several times a day I’m really enthused that he’s on a project that excites the both of us. This could be great.

I’ve got 15 people whose income depend on me now, not counting wives and children. It’s streched pretty thin, but there are several pools of backup money and monthly income still exceeds monthly expenses, despite all the heavy required new investments.

Two girls that I’m not satisfied with who other men would be happy to masturbate to are in my life. They are less trouble than they are worth.

Life has had some downs lately. The period of great happiness took a deep dip. And now has settled into an even good place. Anticipation is now the mood, rather than the fruition of great happiness that I had before.