succubusstar-trek-original-series-man-trapShe tried to feed me… suck. Feed me… suck. Keep me in just the right emotional disequilibrium, so that I was pliable.

It was the standard girl game, only amplified until it was plainly pathological. Girls aren’t supposed to be obvious.

Men also can be em-pathological. We become captain-save-a-ho and purchase her narrative of being a victim. When the vampire is sucking on your jugular and you are contemplating its childhood then it means the succubus tapped into your empathy circuits.

Body centred meditations are but one defence against the hordes of succubi. Having friends or being old and experienced or taking a walk in the woods will all give a little perspective.

When you notice that you spend a lot of time thinking of how much she disturbs you, it means that your defence system is not up to her barrage.

I, you, me, him and her, all take pleasure in mutual experience. This communal human condition is a fundamental way we feel happy and fulfilled and alive. Parties, sex, jokes, stories. Empathy and appreciation. It’s not the only way – but it’s a deep fundamental and necessary and important way.

Do you want your girl to be the emotional version of teflon and aluminum, with a hidden psychopathic agenda? Me not too. Heartiste and Roosh might think it sympatico though. Actually women are not aloof – they are segmented and sharded – they display the genuine emotions that are appropriate for the audience. But the point has been made that there is a contrast between emotional connection and emotional subversion.

Vampires subvert the process and don’t appreciate the core tennet of the human contract. Add value.

They suck value.

Look at me!

Feel down, until I can control you.

Some girls can poetically be described as deep sea giant squid.

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Update: Men can be succubi too, as per this swoop the world hero who took a bunch of virginities and started many “romances” on false pretences. You go bro! Team man!