Look at the fashion runway, and the expression on the women’s faces.

Aloof? Ya.

Women admire other women who are impenetrably vacant. No emotions perturb them – what great success! They won the contest over negative emotions, by gaining admiration and aloof disdain. Win!

Men do this too, especially in PUA communities.

Is this really winning, if one examines options in the internal world? I mean, doesn’t it take an emotional idiot to be glued and fixated on the perception of other peoples perceptions, at the expense of any and all genuine connection to others?

Many of us think that fashion girls are picked by gay boys, who have a wise sense that girls show off for other girls. What men want to see are smiling faces and bigger hips and tits.

Do you want to model yourself after whatever female airhead is in style nowadays? Or do you want to be engaging and have a felt penetrating soul come out of your eyes and heart that instantly fills any room with something useful and important?

Aloof? Really? If that’s a style of attraction then it’s not quite even kindergarten level. It’s for people who are not really able to handle this whole idea of emotional connection and interpersonal reality that includes reality.