Barbie-Fairytopia-Magic-of-the-Rainbow-barbie-movies-28583693-900-506Attractive women attract gifts and favours.

This seems to have gone to their heads, and then into their genes. Instead of feeling gratitude for the efforts of others, they feel deserving. And responsible for them.

My N18 was watching the Disney Channel which was showing some cartoon serial about a bunch of prancing pixie dust farting flying Cinderellas or Fairytopia Barbies or something, and it was instructional as to the female mind. You had a few male characters, who were all suitors of some sort. Some were handsome but wimpy, some were only moderately attractive and darkly overbearing with an air of evil intent, some were high status and wealthy but cowardly, some were just the right combination of deferential yet snarky and unimpressed, bold yet not too rapey. And the females came in personalities too – a few were back-stabbing bitches with ill intent. You could tell these by their malevolent eyebrows. malevolent-eyebrows

But the most telling part of the show was that girls would speak out loud their wishes, and they would come true. Who are they talking to? Who are they asking for these favours? Even when the incantation had the lilt of a prayer, they were still asking favours from no existent other; their solipsism was dialled up to 11 and all that existed was the power of their prayer. They were solely responsible for the magic. The magic came from their girl power.

They ask for stuff, throughout the show, and it magically happens, and not so much as a thank you to the provider of magic.

I was reminded of women’s attitude to government services.


I’m not living with live-in anymore. So from now on I’ll call her M. Although she pushed things past the breaking point, she still won’t leave my shop house. Here is the thing; women are hard wired to demand severance pay. It’s as instinctual as a monarch butterfly migrating to the same tree in South America as it’s great grandparents did. They feel that once they get a man to bond with him, that he is a personal slave and that they own half his shit, even if he tries to leave her. That he CAN’T leave her until he pays up.

I’ve been trying to get her out of my shop house, and so am withholding some financial support until she moves into a new apartment that I’ll pay for. I will support her until her big tits land her a new man. I think that’s fair, after all I trained her to be a geisha for three years, when she was previously career oriented.

I had pulled my Yamaha Clavinova electric piano to my new larger shop house, leaving the room bereft of most of its soul, and so she wanted me to return the previous smaller electric piano, which I now have in N18s apartment. As she had agreed with her mouth to eventually move out, out of warm hearted desire for her happiness I brought over an even smaller one I had originally bought for N18s apt. M got angry and complained that she wanted the bigger middle-sized one.

What a princess. Where does she think money comes from? It’s this self entitled attitude that can be so off putting to men.

No Cinderella, you don’t get stuff just because you wished for it and think you deserve it. I’ll just take the small one away and you can pay for your own damned piano if that’s not good enough. Not so much as a thank you!

Self entitled princesses who think they own a slave for life if they bond with you. Nope. I have an identity, solipsism queen. My stuff belongs to me.