Desmond Morris, author of “The Human Animal” and narrator of related documentaries has explained that humans come pre-programmed to develop their artistic creativity as a means of display of sexual fitness.

He explains how Chimps can draw an abstract type of art with squiggles, but how humans develop past squiggles to squiggling circles, which turn into faces, which turn into stick figures, which turn into stick figures placed within landscapes.

This innate drive to develop our creativity is not limited to crayons and paper. We do it in all endeavours.

And we pay a great deal of attention to it, socially and sexually. In any realm of activity you can imagine, we screen for cues and clues of creativity. Wit, musical ability, orative skill, interior design, skill at grooming. Our mastery over creative expression plays a huge role in getting laid at all, and especially the quality of mate we can attract.

And here is something you need know, and know in your ever-arising consciousness. The creative machinations of the brain are all plugged in and intermeshed and wired up into your emotions.

If you want to be fully creative, you also have to be fully emotional.

Artists are known to be emotionally sensitive. We are born with innate predispositions, however regardless of these we have some leeway to shift our habits in one direction or another. The sensitive can desensitise, and the callous can refine their sensibilities. However if you want to plug into your creative abilities and refine them, you’re also going to be plugging into your emotions. They go hand in hand. Colours themselves have emotional content – that’s how the brain works. If you go into a room painted all in red lit by red lamps, you’ll feel differently than in a green or white or blue room. The architecture of your environment is also an expression and transmission of emotion. Just as is music. Emotions and creativity are intermeshed.

So one way to improve as a man is to be emotionally capable. The problem lots of guys have run into, which I don’t see being addressed, is that they lack boundaries and backbone and experience with the ways of manipulative women, and so their romantic emotions leave them vulnerable to being tooled.

They then discover the dark triad quick boost method of gaining hand, and come to assume that emotions where their problem all along.

Which really fucks up their life, and cuts off all possibility of any further deep development.

Emotions were never a problem. It’s not being able to use them that is a problem.

Emotions are a valuable tool, but people see them as too dangerous to mess with.

Growth as a man means being emotionally capable. Only then can he work towards maximizing his happiness and his seductive prowess.

If creativity is our number one way to display sexual fitness, what are others?

Well, we need to apply our creativity in ways that give us status, and so we need strength and leadership. We need strong boundaries and hand. We need to stand up to the rigours of the competitive world and come out visibly ahead. It’s not enough to have a creative wit or be great musician, we need to apply our skills to receive recognition and enough social clout to afford to translate our skills into manipulation of our environment, such that we can afford to order people around to tastefully build and decorate our visions, and can afford to treat our friends to meals and locations, and can influence the real world.

And the number one way that people are influenced is by mood. Just look at a stadium of people listening to music. Or look at how you are affected by your personal mentors. Their emotional openness integrated with their creative expression moves you, and influences you. And gives them authority and power.