lingam-devotionIn the dream I left my group of buddies to go hunting in the shopping mall. The sales promotion girls working the entrance were of no interest to me; something about their predatory attitude. But it didn’t take long before I spotted my dream girl. She had flown up to the ceiling, so I flew up there and joined her. We were amazed by how perfect each other was, and I told her straight up that she was going to be mine, before she could say it first. She could also fly – pretty well no one else could do that. She spoke some French, and I rattled off my high school French and explained that I’d had French immersion schooling up to grade 3. Up in the air we started to explore touching each other, and it was not long until I had her firm ass cupped in my hand during embrace. We knew we were destined to be a passionate item.

From this I woke up to my plush bed. My 18 year old girl pressed her soft full and firm cheek against my face and kissed me. After discovering morning wood she was quickly astride me, and I felt the ass of my dreams in my hands. We moved together as the girl of my dreams and I did; a hand in a glove, a perfectly natural and very happy fit.

Over in my other abode I have my live in. She takes good care of me and shows her love in the ways that she knows how. She cooks and cleans and comes and comes on my dick. But lately I’ve been incensed with her. We had a domestic issue that I’m embarrassed to share. It was insulting and hurt me, and I’ve chosen to feel indignant burning anger. It’s enough to call the whole thing off and never see her again.

You see, she was not into giving me a blowjob two days ago.


I’d woken up with morning wood, and not only didn’t she discover it, but when I asked for a BJ, she kept making excuses, like “I have to clean the room first”, or “just let me bring these dirty plates upstairs first”. That was bad. Very bad. But then when she got down to it her skills sucked – she barely put me in her mouth and didn’t squeeze hard enough with either her mouth or hand and I could hardly feel it. I tried to correct her but she seemed disinterested in learning, or too stupid to learn, or both. Then after 2 minutes she paused for air, with an air of god-damn-it-this-is-hard-work-and-I-don’t-want-to-do-it. Then after another minute she gave up, offering for me to be on top.

In a quiet burning fury I let her go upstairs to cook, and walked out to my other girl, who sucked me right proper before during and after fucking her silly all day and all night long. I returned to live-in at 4 am only to give the silent treatment to her that night and all the next day. Later last night I ripped into her explaining in great detail my fury. I have zero mood to have any sexual contact with her. If she is not HUNGRY for my cock, she has no business being in my house. My house is expensive and she could easily be replaced with a girl who WANTS dick. It’s all about the dick. It’s not about clean floors, it’s not even about food. She isn’t playing housewife matron, cutting her hair and getting fat, and being queen of the place. It’s about my dick. Without devotion to the dick, there is nothing.

Even now I’m still angry at her. But I don’t have to dwell only on that, as my freshly turned 18 year old with the body of the girl in my dreams just came on my dick, and knows how to show her love in the way that means the most to me. With physical lust.