I just knocked 10 years off my brain ageing. Years of heavy drinking, lax meditative discipline and several mini strokes had deteriorated my awareness into a dull semi-consciousness. Today colors and sounds are crisp and vivid, and my refresh rate is high enough to be present through watching my fingers type fast without mental taxation.

I’ve had these ingredients in my phytochemical cabinet for nearly a year, but only today took them all at once in large enough doses to notice the wow effect:

lemon balm

These were added to my current regimen of 10mg of rolipram three times a day.

These help with neurogenesis and creating and strengthening synapse connections and thickening the neural sheath to speed up the nerve signal and increasing synapse signaling chemicals and receptor sensitivity and speeding up learning and aiding memory recall and math processing speed. My subjective take is a lessening of cognitive filters – the traffic noises on the street are very noticeably more “loud” in awareness, colors are more vivid, and I am aware of more of everything at once. The sacral fire is activated, which can be directed to lead to what most people think of as piss shivers, or a rush of energy up the spine, and chi-kung awareness is more present and refined.

My motivation for taking the stuff was to help with learning the piano. But it should also fit in well with the overall plan of re-habilitating a declining mind. Project uberman.

In other news, business projects are going well here. New businesses are bringing in money already, and a few other new start up ventures are looking very promising, for both finances and lifestyle. There was a large increase in the asking price of the place I was going to rent, so that’s on hold while I scout out other possibilities.