Have you ever seen the native New Zealand tribal dance of aggression? That’s a man dance. You let yourself go full out caveman, but with careful attention to details and finesse.

I’ve made it my over-arching theory that most of body-centered awareness practices are highly subjective and individualistic, however can be communicated. Which means that if you learn about a chi-field egg surrounding you like an aura in someones chi-kung class, it merely means that someone somewhere had that kinesthetic visualision of his phantom limbs be very meaningful and strong in a particular way to him, and was able to communicate that body-mental-map idea to someone else, who passed on the meme. We can feel a chi-egg, in great detail, and have it be psychologically meaningful and informative and practically useful to manipulate, however it’s STILL just something somebody somewhere made up.

And so it is for dance styles. Somebody made up a dance, that was meaningful, just like a melody is meaningful. It’s the aggression dance. Any one can understand it by seeing it, and anyone who does it will be transformed into a man capable of full expression of aggression.

So today, I used these ideas in my mental map when I was doing chi-kung. As these kinesthetic-visualization-phantom-limbs we feel are just all made up anyway, I’m free to explore to make my own useful arrangements of psychological ways of being into chi-kung practices. Then I experimented with contracting muscles during chi-kung, similarly to as body builders do for posing, however with the addition of chi-kung movements. Then I tried dancing while chi-kung. Then both together. Then today I experimented with very loose and yet masculine hip movements, synced with arm movements. And then I discovered that masculine cave-man dance.

So now I’m going to create and refine my own New Zealand Aboriginal Masculine Dance.

And make it kind of yogic, as in hatha yoga flexibility incorporated within the movements. And an expression of chi-kung energy dance. And hyper masculine.

Because why not, that’s why.