UCB wrote: Cut your expenses to the bone, cut back your work schedule as much as humanly possible, and use whatever free time and energy you gain to explore the world and learn something interesting. Xsplat, Victor, cedo, naughty nomad, maverick traveler, captain capitalism… all of these guys are doing it on some level. And they are all doing better in many ways than 99% of the guys running PUA/game blogs.

I’ve been dicking around on the piano every day for some months. I have just enough musical talent that every time I’m able to find some new patterns and musical phrases, and what I discover is emotionally meaningful to me. It’s like learning an entirely different way to communicate; not only a new language, but a new thought system. I had no idea that music was something that people could just create. I had thought you had to study it and read notes. Rhythms within melodies within keys within harmonies within chords within chord changes within fugues within songs within medleys within song arrangements. Piano is endless, but within certain rules. Know some of the rules and you can just make shit up as you play.

I’ve read that if you are in the process of learning something, for instance a new language, that the brain gets into neurogenenesis mode, and this affects your whole day. Your brain becomes globally primed to learn and create new synapse connections.

It is a special type of satisfaction to see incremental progress.

There are also other little hobbies that I get to see incremental progress on. Punching boxing equipment. Ping pong. Chi-kung practice.

All these interests work in conjunction, and not just with each other. I imagine that dating two girls has increased my mood, and a greater emotional range is being expressed on the piano. Some tunes are boisterous and happy, some softly romantic, some just jitterbuggy jazzy.

But neurogenesis seems to also affect mood. The lust for learning stuff and getting better at stuff is inspirational. It’s not only fun to play the piano at the time, but it’s fun to get better at it in general. It’s one more reason to be alive.

And it’s that big picture that matters most. Being happy to be alive. As much as possible.

I like to read articles from the guys who cold approach women. I’ve got a lot to learn, and I’m also just interested in a little lifestyle voyeurism.

But the stuff I write about is not just a puzzle piece for how to do a specific thing, it’s a system – it all works together as a whole. I could not be loving without dominance. I could not be as dominant without adding value. I could not maintain as much hand over and interest in girls without sexual chi-kung. In this system I don’t fuck many new girls each year – some years I fuck no new girls – but most likely have more hours of high quality sex per day than anyone else. The sex is part of a bigger picture lifestyle – a core part.

I think UCB hit upon something very interesting. Keeping a portion of hours each day set aside to learning something that is very interesting to you and that also is attractive to females is a key manly practice.