I’ve been saying for a while that to maximize happiness a guy needs to retain the ability to bond. Bonding with a woman is one of life’s important pleasures.

One of my favorite bloggers recently touched on the subject of after-sex let down. It’s very common for men to feel less affection for girls after we come in them. It’s as if our affection was in our sperm, and without that spark of desire to screw them they quickly lose appeal.

I know this is going to sound totally wacko to most people, but there is another option.

Just don’t come.

If you don’t come, not only will you be able to fuck longer and more often, and therefore keep more women sexually satisfied and under your control, but you will be more interested in them.

You’ll remain interested in them even if they are boring people in all ways other than being sexually attractive.

Your desire will remain a constant. Even after sex you’ll be into them.

This increases life satisfaction. Desire for your woman is good.

I won’t get into details about not coming in this post. I know some people think that this means not enjoying sex to it’s fullest, however that’s not the kind of not coming I advocate. I advocate something much weirder.