Women speak an entirely different language than men. It takes being with women to learn it. Learning that language is part of what’s necessary to being attractive and inspiring to women. Theory is good, but the learning happens in practical application. Got to start somewhere – even if it means dating older women, crazy girls, or foreign farmers daughters.

For instance last night N told me that she would be travelling to Singapore for a few weeks with her Aunt, and mentioned that it’s good for me because I can have fun while she’s gone. I translated her woman speak for her. I told her that I don’t believe that she will go, that she would miss me too much, and that the only reason she was mentioning it at all was to test me to see if I cared. I told her that her insecurity was really annoying and to stop it.

Her test may seem subtle, but it was a transparent move to test how much I cared about her being out on her own travelling the world with her hot model (and likely promiscuous) Aunt. Girl speak. Indirect and manipulative. And it was an attempt to feign a level of indifference to being with me that she does not have. She dislikes being apart from me.

At first she denied her girl games. When I persisted and insisted that I know from experience what her girl-speak meant, she asked if all girls talk that way, and I told her no, only the psycho ones. Told her that it takes all the fun out of caring for her if she can’t even feel cared for. Told her that I’m going to get her a pendant so that she can hold onto it like a teddy-bear when she misses me or is feeling insecure. Told her that she needs to work on herself and grow up and stop being so negative. And to take some continuing education classes.

She then told me that she was not going to go and that she’s lucky to have me and could never find another guy like me.

I agreed and admonished her to therefore be careful.

She then said she’d take the classes and asked me if I forgave her, and I told her that talk is cheap and that I’d forgive her after she took the classes.

Mostly women twist guys around their finger. They play guys like fiddles. It takes much practice and experience to be able to speak woman and to play them better than they play you. The knowledge comes the hard way.

Update: Riv’s post is relevant