I love my woman. She’s my little bitch, I own her. She’s my daughter, I own her. She’ll do anything I say, and doesn’t even wait for me to talk to try to know and do what will please me.

Both my girls are that way.

And they’re both airheads.

I love them and I own them. I tell them this and they understand and agree.

You have the right to direct the mood in the house. You direct the conversation. You can say “I don’t want to talk about that” and it’s the end of the conversation. You can say “I don’t want to talk now.” and enjoy your own mind enjoying the scenery without constant intrusion. Or steer conversations. Mostly you’ll be steering the mood, creating a pleasant and interesting mood environment, that is both safe and stimulating. You not only own the remote, the household environment is entirely your frame.

Update after being with N17: No foreplay this time, and right from the start I told her to repeat over and over “I love you Daddy”.

Then I told her to switch to “I’m your little bitch”, over and over again. This aroused her to near orgasm, at which point I started saying over and over again “you’re my little bitch”, while sharing a coal of heat in our bellies. Then switched to variations of “I own you. You’re my property.” with an occasional “I love you and I own you” thrown in, while she came and came, minute after minute on my dick.

Those orgasms of hers are the basis of our entire relationship.