In the movie Kumar, a man performs a social experiment as the basis for a movie; he sets himself up as a guru and collects followers.

As the movie progresses, we see that Kumar starts to believe in the mystical practices that he has given to his students. He starts to find genuine value in the life he is living and the lifestyle he is teaching. He eventually proclaims that in his new profession it is his main job just to be happy.

And here is the dirty little secret of why that job is easy for him.

It’s because social status makes people happy.

In his world, he now creates the frame. He is entirely socially dominant. This makes a person feel supported, powerful, and most of all giving and paternal and warm. As group leader his is bound to be more happy; happiness comes so much easier with a great deal of social support.

So his job is to prove to people that there is a way to be happy. To be a living embodiment of successful emotions.

But the trick is that job is easy from the socially dominant guru position.