Pete Townsends favorite composition is “I can see for miles”, and he was dissapointed that it was not more popular. My favorite composition was my last post. I think it made an esoteric subject accessible and interesting, in a way that touched upon common experience. It got about 1/5th of the traffic of some of the preceding posts.

This morning when I woke up my battery was low and even my mood was sluggish. Then my wench got naked and pressed her big beautiful boobs against me for a while, and went upstairs to cook me salmon and leafy veggies. Cody popped in to say hello. And I looked around my studio apartment and felt some appreciation for the life I’ve built here. My two women are both airheads, but they are loving and sexy airheads at my command, and life is good. So then my heart started to wake up and glow.

Now that my battery is warming up and putting out a little power, I notice the heat in my belly. Sometimes that heat is a strong pressure. So let’s talk about the 2nd cakra today.

It is a very common experience for chi-kung practitioners to start to feel a heat and power in their “tan tien”, or lower belly area. This can be related to a dramatic increase in sexual charge.

So as well as feeling a sweet engaging generous feeling of appreciation and soulful connectedness in the heart area, a person can charge up his 2nd cakra and constantly carry around a powerful sexual heat.

This is difficult to describe, and likely will even be felt somewhat differently individually, however I can say that it can be a strong sensation, about as strong as if you were to moderately pinch your thumb. It’s not an idea, it’s a body sensation, and it’s connected to a feeling of sexual power and just embodied life force.

So that’s two cakras introduced; the 2nd and 4th – the sex and the heart cakras. But these also should be learned in context.

My live-in has opened up her 2nd cakra, and now can have very long multiple orgasms and feel a loving sex union with me, but that’s about all she’s opened. For her that is a whole world of feeling. Little does she know there is so much more she could open to.

On a good day I also open below the feet when I fuck, and that changes everything more dramatically than I could ever explain. And of course there is the heart cakra and cakras above and energy up the spine and many other ways that the kinesthetic body conceptualizes and feels itself in detail. Let’s start one by one.

If you want to feel this heat in the belly and fuse it with your own wench, I’d suggest chi-kung practices. The change can be dramatic, and most people feel it within a few weeks or a month. Practice with greater intensity over long periods of time will give commensurate results.