Nietzsche said: Having lived for so long without any of that, just imagining it honestly sickens me. The idea of feeling love for some girl is grotesque to me. I never met one I wanted anything but sex from.

How’s that working out for you? I suppose the disgust must be of some use to you. Perhaps you are getting a nice ego reward for it; it feels good to be better than the disgusting. And it must provide a nice armor against rejection – how could you care? But I can’t imagine that it helps your social life or your happiness.

And judging by your few posts here it seems you also get by with negative attention sometimes; another adaptation to getting social rewards that I’d think has to be suboptimal, at least.

Are you ready to re-think your socio-sexual strategy? Or are you happy with your CHOICES so far?

But I know your type. You think everything is other peoples fault. It’s the womens fault for being unlovable, not your fault for having no love.

Part of the manosphere is about guys wanting to up their general value and skill with women, and part is a he-man-women-haters-club of relationship fail, where the goal is commiseration among club members. My portion of the manosphere is for the former.