Reminds me of one of my intern’s girls.

Lately I’ve been coming home at all hours. My live in of 2.5 years can’t sleep when I’m out fucking my other girl, and she’s a bit of a ruin when I get back.

M can’t conceive of living without me. I’m central to her life, by plan, and I’m central to her nervous system. Also by plan.

We have an aged intimacy, yet one that is still fresh with passion.

Today to ease her insecurities, I delayed my meeting with my new 17 year old lover, took M’s dainty wrist and dragged her up the stairs to our well furnished large 2nd floor studio. Tore her clothes off, pushed her down on the bed, then just lay there looking at her. We chatted like young lovers for 45 minutes or so, laughing, being open and honest, and just appreciating each other, then I went down on her, then fucked her until she came and came and came, all the while moaning the sweetest nothings to me.

“When you first met me I never even came, until over and over you fucked me and made me into a woman. Now I come and come on you” she moaned lovingly, while her pussy contracted over and over on my cock. We make love with depth and passion. And she’s a hot little big tittied 24 year old airhead. She was on a roll coming and coming for a while, and when exhausted and happy, I got up, did a little more chi-kung, then prepared to leave to my other lover. Gave her a passionate lusty hug and kiss before going.

My N17 is totally different. We had strong sexual chemistry from the get go; she came for the first time in her life on the 2nd date, and today was squirting and squirting. We get just so fucking HAPPY when we fuck – intense ecstasy and lots of love. Very different feelings.

The intern who’s into Chi-kung says my N17 has an 8 or 9 face, and although I think that’s generous, looking at it does have about that effect when I fuck her. Like looking at this face would:

M’s face was an 8 or 9 to me when I met her 3 years ago, and she’s holding up pretty good for a 24 year old. But I love her for her tits.

I love the deep connection I get with my M, and I thrill to the intensity of sexual passion with N17.

Once upon a time I had such an intense sexual connection with a girl that I was constantly on fire with passion for her. I mean constantly. Can you imagine being so into a girl that you fuck her in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, with spectators at both ends of the street? Just around the corner from your house? We fucked for a minimum of 4 hours a day, and all day Saturday and Sunday. My spine was constantly on fire for her. For me she was a 20. Just about the hottest possible girl.

Well, I haven’t thought of Sarah for a long time now, as I’m tired of telling Grandpa stories. “I remember back in the day…” Those stories just didn’t seem relevant anymore, and who cares about Grandpa’s sexual history?

Well, my health is coming back, and now those stories are relevant again, because I’m getting those old feelings rekindled. Sexytime in every taxi ride, hard on on every escalator ride, thrill of the age difference and hot girl on my arm.

I’m at the 2nd apartment now, but as I do most nights, eventually I’ll head back to my main abode. So I fuck two girls at least once a day, sometimes 3 or 5 times. It’s like a full time job.

I like my job.

Oh ya, about the title; the reason these girls are coming is because of intense emotional connection. It’s a different flavor with each girl, but we feel SSSOOOOO fucking close when we fuck! If that’s not spiritual I don’t know what is. My favorite kind of prayer.

Damn, but life can be good.

Meanwhile the interns also have very busy social calendars, sometimes also “seeing” two girls in a day, and our social circles sometimes casually intersect, going out or hanging in together with the girls. I’d like to describe the changes that have come over us over these last few months. We all seem so much more at ease and content.

Springtime renewed in the life of this old man. Grandpa is back.

Update: I suppose in a way this post is an advertisement for the MLTR lifestyle.  It requires very different tools and skills than used by PUAs.  Here intense passion that you are unlikely to ever get with a one night stand girl is maintained and raised over months and years, and you get all the sex you can ever handle whenever you want.  A rotating harem of 2 or 3 girls, with the occasional fuck buddy added in is plenty of variety, if you are really into the girls.  But that’s really the core secret of this lifestyle; you have to really be into the girls.