plantThere are ways we genuinely embody value.

And by value I mean strong, communicable positive frame.

Think of Robert Plant of Zeppelin at his best, on stage, embodying strong erotic passion.

I’ve been dicking around on my piano for maybe 6 months now, in structured and unstructured play. There is a melodically inclined part of my self that listens to the notes and then finds arrangements. There is also a geometrically inclined part that joins in. And a rhythmic part. Together these parts take over my fingers, and then my body will sway as I pump out some Bach inspired free form Jazz. As I have no memory, each composition is forever lost. One time performance art.

Sometimes I practice Chi-kung. With chi-kung you can embody very powerful feelings, and your kinesthetic sense joins with other senses into a fugue of synesthesia. You can feel in your heart area many emotions, you can relax your nervous system as you feel below your feet, you can thrill a rush of power up your spine.

It’s possible to generate strong love. For little other reason than because it feels good. People are sympathetic and appreciate a strong positive vibe.

These ways of embodying passion and energy are just a few. You probably have some of your own. These are felt so strongly as to not be at war with your narrative – you embody them. You embody these passions, and can share them.

That is valuable to yourself and others. That’s embodying value.

Sometimes we are at ease, and let thoughts drift off, and just rest. Sinking into a sense of comfort and joy. We can share that vibe. We can include in it strong paternal love and satisfaction, and embrace our woman in this vibe.

That is embodying value.