170px-Rog_and_PeteI’m watching “Amazing Journey – The Story of the Who.avi” right now.

In a way you can’t understand me or my blog unless you can feel appreciation for the music of the Who. They embody their emotions with severity, and yet are refined and sublime.

One of my chi-kung teachers said that the reason Kundalini awakenings were so common in the modern age was because of rock and roll.

UCBs comment from a few days ago was along these lines also, when he talked about learning to be open to emotion.

What at first seems to people like being out of control, can grow into an open-ness that is refined and broad and deep.

There is a defining moment of the Who, according to Pete Townsend, when the band became “balanced and equal”. Pete had previously considered Roger Daltry to be little more than a singer, while other band members were creative musical geniuses. And then a transformation came to Roger during the Tommy tour. He became “open and engaging”, and “became Tommy”. His voice and performance from then on was radically altered, and Pete considered him an equal.

Can you be great?

I’m great. I know I’m not supposed to say that, but sometimes I’m great. I can feel exstacy unreservedly, happiness unreservedly, and connect to people unreservedly. It’s a real talent – my form of genius. This is not a frame that I try to create. It’s just the honest bald faced truth.

It’s quite rare, and is addictive. And is a talent that I’ve deliberately and carefully cultivated over years, especially through sexual chi-kung.

I suggest to any Who fan or any person interested in seeing life changes to watch the movie – it’s downloadable from pirate bay – and notice that moment where Roger is said to have transformed, and watch for the difference.

Another thing I noticed was Rogers great respect and appreciation for the music that his band made. He wasn’t at all shy to take delight not only in the genius of others, but in his own participation in what at times was pure magic. I respect that kind of respect. Humility is just a way of lying to yourself. Sometimes magic really does come out of ourselves, and respect is the appropriate emotion. Nobody really knows how or why it happens, but it’s good and to be appreciated – inward or outward. Roger was and still is really into the Who, and I really respect that about him. I am too.