From whisper on /r/theredpill regarding Roosh: That’s the problem with guys whose social skills are so good that they start making a living off of them… it overrides their incentive to tell the truth.

Once someone becomes skilled enough at persuasion/manipulation/game, those skills become inaccessible to others as a source of learning, because that man becomes like Anasurimbor Kellhus… a man who cannot speak honestly, because in every conversation, he sees exactly what he must say to get what he wants, and it is only ever the same as the truth by rare coincidence.

That’s where a lot of these pickup gurus are at… they do not so much teach their customers how to run game, as simply run game on their customers. Watch a Real Social Dynamics seminar video if you want to see what I am talking about.

Hell, even Hugo Schwyzer seems to have been very like some types of PUA. He told women what they wanted to hear, and acted totally different. Eventually, his strategy proved too placative, and he wound up under a bus, but we all must agree that his sex life was a good deal more red pill than what came out of his mouth.

But there is no reason to listen to someone who has too much game to be honest. If we want to be a community that helps each other grow, instead of collection of pit dogs fighting over scraps of respect, we need to learn when to drop the game, and the one-upsmanship…

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.” ~Richard Feynman

Onder says on krauserpua:To me PUA/Chode Game translates to = ‘Trying not to fuck up, try hard game’

What results? A bunch of idiots who take everything mentioned in the community and blow it up to extreme ‘geeky’ proportions. This is no surprise to me considering the whole community is full of Starcraft geeks.

Here’s the difference:

Unhealthy/PUA Perspective:
Peacocking: Pink hair, platforms, eye liner, Leather
DHV: Negging, acting like a clown, rockstar game, entourage
Gaming: Faking value, Acting/Pretending, Pretending to have an abundant life,

Healthy perspective
Peacocking: Masculine vibe, posture, good fashion, Socially intelligent
DHV: Value giving, ambition, good character, authenticity.
Gaming: Display of intent, congruency, honesty, values and boundaries.