It’s common sense, really. For some reasons people stray from it.

To get a girl to fall for you fast, you just have to get back to basics.

1) Be loveable. That means that inside your mind is a good place to be. It means that you have real love to give. It means that you are playful and funny, are good at reparte, have a well developed sexuality, are a driven artist, enjoy sensuality of all sorts, are emotionally available, empathetic, giving, all around fun to be around, are an unstoppable sun of love, and the man who deserves to be giving directions. Be able to look an attractive woman in the eye and get completely stoned on the electric spark between the two of you. Be capable of meditation on the form of beauty.

In other words, pay attention to her with your whole being in a way that fills you with passion, knowing that how you hold your attention is directing how she holds hers. Meditate on her and get drunk on communion – and she will commune and get drunk on you.

When you put your hand on her face, or kiss her lips, or look her in the eye, it should thrill you, and she should know it.

Woops – I’ve moved already into step two.

Step two: love communion.

Did you ever see a cute child, and just want to pinch it’s cheeks? Pick it up and throw it in the air? Hold it? Play games with it? Hold it’s hand? There are so many ways that we love communion – that we get off on it. It’s really just back to basics.

Women, like all of us, want to be heard. Listened to. Known. But it’s not enough to just let them aim their own minds and free form blather – you need to direct the conversation in a way that makes her feel happy about you and happy about who she is. She needs to learn not only that you are an interesting and funny and witty person – that’s minor – she needs to feel your interest and how skillfully you draw her out of herself in a way that makes the mood great. That makes her being with you great. That makes talking to each other great.


Communion can drive you.

Do you remember the first time you were in love? You just couldn’t get close enough to the girl. You couldn’t get enough of her. You could kiss for hours, and it still wasn’t enough.

That emotion is natural, and doesn’t have to die off with age or experience. That are ways for you even now to re-learn how to feel such passion at will.

To recap:
Step one – be loveable
Step two – learn to give yourself over to the passion of communion

Step three. There is no step three. Well, actually step three is sex, and is just a restatement of one and two, but with incredible intensity.

If you can do step one and step two, the girl will fall in love with you on the first, or perhaps second date. On the first date she is likely to want to move in permanently. She’ll feel as if you are a key to her lock – that it is a perfect fit.

There will be no thoughts about how to escalate. There will be no interest in scripts. You’ll just take your time, and eventually put your finger on her wet pussy and let your body do the rest. It will all just flow from one moment to the next, unhurried, unplanned. Naturally.

Ok, that’s the outline, now here are a few tricks. Numbered again.

1) Only date girls that you like. Want to commune with them in SOME way. Maybe you want to choke her while you make her come, but in SOME way you want to share mental space. You won’t be fanatasizing about some other girl – you will want to commune with HER. For the highest possible bandwidth experience she’ll be at least at your intellectual level, will get all your jokes and make some of her own, can not only do spontaneous role play reparte, but can come up with her own leads in fictional tales. Ideally she’ll be a sexual superstar who will orgasm from the empathy of giving you head. Her face will flood you with passion and the spark between your eyes will be nearly unbearable. Her hands will be small and dainty and a form of beauty that your dick will agree makes her acceptable for impregnation. She will be neotenous and you’ll want to protect her. On and on in so many directions you will want to and be able to commune with her.

But it’s enough for her to just be physcially attractive. As long as you can find SOME way you want to commune, that bandwidth can be enough. Enough for a genuine connection. Real, meaningful, genuine intimacy.

People crave that. They want it. Give it to them and you can, if you want, own them. Really – they will even offer themselves to you, heart, soul, body, mind, action, time, and life. Even from the first date, or soon thereafter, a girl can just instantly click, and click and click, like the tumblers in a safe lock lining up until it’s fully open.

Ok, another trick.

Don’t come. Eat good food. Do chi-kung.

You know how after you orgasm you feel less love for the girl? Your battery power is what you use to remain interested in people. That is your strength to want to reach out and engage. When that falls too low you’ll want to go inward and recharge.

So you need to build up your chi-power – your sun of love – your sexual mojo. Keep that high and you will remain interested and giving and engaged and passionate, and this will be hugely magnetic.

The girl will literally get addicted to you. She will miss you the moment she leaves – even from the first date – and it will only get worse for her. Day after day, month after month. Even year after year.

Ok, last tip. Learn how to fuck in a way that is full body communion – you mix together, you not only feel love, but you are love – you genuinely love her, and love fucking, and can fuck her and fuck her and fuck her, not coming even through the intensity of her multiple orgasms. If you can become her – mix with her in exstatic union you’ll learn to hold all that energy without coming, and get off on her getting off.

This will be the final nail – the final cement – the final straw. You will own her through the tip of your dick.

Oh, and sometimes talk and look at her in the eyes and laugh when you fuck. Fucking isn’t just a two dimentional thing. Every time is different, new emotions, new nuances, new embodied beings. Get off on HER.

Being with a girl is a flow moment meditation. Your entire being gets off on her being – her beauty – her youth. And how you direct it. Her very being gets you fucking wasted high.

And as sex is a habit, don’t fuck girls you are not into.

If you are way into the girl, it will be way easier for her to fall for you.

Update If you don’t know how to feel love, here is a trick that will work for some, if you let it. Men naturally feel paternal love. Women are neotenous. Evolution is accidental, however the coincidence is meaningful. Women are neotenous because that arouses men’s paternal love. Use that to your advantage. Consider her as YOUR child. This will open up a flood of love for her. It’s ok – it’s not real incest – don’t be an idiot. It’s a trick you are performing in order to commune more fully. To love her more. To enjoy for yourself the great rush of love.

Also, I have a long history of doing this, again and again. It’s not just an accident in my distant past. It’s what I do. It’s what I did today. It’s a formula. It’s a formula that might very well work for you.