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Prediction: 6 months left for RVF

Posted by xsplat on August 3, 2013

rvf-going-downNow that the market for a community of lifestyle enthusiasts has been identified and established, that market niche must be filled.

The manosphere had origins in usenet groups that dealt with fast seduction. Male oriented relationship focused blogs also sprung up, such as the no-maam.com blog, and the Roissy blog. Roissy attracted a large group to comment on his well written posts, and that acted as a seed catalyst for several other bloggers and splinter communities. After Roissy over-moderated his forum and possibly changed writers, his community was largely abandoned, however the need for a mens community was already established, and so people looked elsewhere. Many turned to the Rooshvforum.

But apparently Roosh has some serious personality problems. I’m not just speculating trash on him because of being banned there – his forum has long been building up a reputation of being heavily over moderated, and he has been generating angry controversy over his dictatorial moderating hand. He brooks no disagreement with his personal views.

This can’t be tolerated forever. Roosh does not respect that it is not HIS community. HE does not provide the content there. It is user generated content. The users own it, not Roosh. That he does not understand this and is not shy of banning people for disagreeing with HIM shows some serious personality defects. Normal people don’t behave that way. People are saying that he’s starting to lose it. I think it’s worse than a crisis of meaning as he searches for a new direction in life; he has underlying personality problems.

The theme of countless movies and countless ape tribes is one of a male rising to leadership status, and then attempting to maintain power by heavy handed and even abusive measures. The male is then overthrown, all at once, by a fed up community. This theme is written into our DNA.

The Rooshvforum will be overthrown. As the demand for such a community is now well established, the community will live on.

I give it 6 months. Then we’ll see the RVF community collapse in the same fashion that the Roissy/Heartiste community did.

Keep your eye out for an alternative. The market demands that the niche will be filled, and the nature of humans is to demand free expression and to topple heavy dictatorial hands.

Roosh became overconfident and picked the wrong battles with men he assumed were weak and optionless. His lack of political skills will leave him abandoned, without a constituency. And then where will he be? He’s already mentioned that he has no more desire to flag for bragging rights. His income and support system will dwindle. Will he become the next Mark Minter, living in his sisters spare room, raging against a system that doesn’t fulfill his desires? Admonishing men not to fuck feminists?

There are lessons here for all community leaders; age old lessons known well before Roman times. Be mindful of public opinion, don’t make enemies needlessly, and don’t underestimate your opponents. It is your constituency that gives you power. They can also take it away.

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  1. BARAVAMBA said

    Roosh has three outlets I’m aware of: the RooshV website, the RooshV Forum and the The Return of Kings website. At first, there were some high quality posts on RoK, but no longer. [url=http://www.returnofkings.com/15073/why-we-need-to-fight-for-the-patriarchy]An example of a complete mess[/url]. RoK has plenty self-hatred when referring to America, “I fucked four chicks in a row after drinking 4 bottles of champagne and dropping my iphone into the toilet after snorting coke” boasting, this “Do X to solve all your problems”, “what’s wrong with the world”, “you have to fight for Y and Z”…

    A rise to power changes the way you think. Some with newly found power will grasp onto it tightly because of fear of loss and inability get it back. But the mere fact of desperately trying to hold onto power means that it will drip away. Do you see a parallel now? [u]Roosh has no internet community game[/u]. Or more correctly, [u]he is in scarcity in general[/u], regardless of whether he has women or not.

    This really begs the question of whether you should learn to game women, or learn to game yourself first. However it is more popular to search for “red pill” notch collection material, as opposed to “strengthening yourself with qi gong”.

    Strength does not come from oppression, it comes from sowing and harvesting. It comes from strengthening yourself and your peers.

  2. krautz said

    It’s had that reputation for several years. How long has it had that sign up once a month policy? It’s partly the policeman only seeing the shit of society and and starts treating everyone like shit syndrome. It’s also troll and moderator fatigue. And this industry is high school drama central. He doesn’t get paid directly for the forum, the thing is probably a big time & attention pit for him. How many words does he put in most posts he does? A few sentences at most. Things like once a month sign up is probably just to save himself time.

    He is just ambivalent about the whole thing. Many of the central and original posters are friends of his from DC, like Virgile Kent. Partly it’s just a facebook for his friends. Your just yet another dude he doesn’t know and doesn’t give much of a shit about on his forum/bar who started getting too loud and he’s booted out. Long time ago he probably decided to not be Mr.Judge or respond to every guy he bans and probably has spent a whole 5 minutes thinking about the entire thing.

    So don’t take it personally, realize he doesn’t give much of a fuck and go start promoting reddit.com/r/theredpill . There is too much schadenfreude there but it seems like the moderators want to be good ones there.

    • xsplat said

      “So don’t take it personally, realize he doesn’t give much of a fuck and go start promoting reddit.com/r/theredpill . ”

      Not dramatic enough. He wanted to step on toes, but not everyone will turn the other cheek. There is already a guy who had been banned threatening to ddos his forum into the ground until he gives a formal apology and reverses his moderation policy. And his sites were down for several hours yesterday from a DDOS attack on his entire data center.

      User generated content is politics, and he’s an overconfident politician on the brink of failure.

      Just look what happened to the Heartiste blog. Heartiste thought he owned the roissyosphere. Now every time his comment section is mentioned it is maligned. There is no more roissyoshpere. People moved on.

      Where will Roosh the man be after people move on?

    • Anon said

      “He doesn’t get paid directly for the forum, the thing is probably a big time & attention pit for him.”

      That’s his own damn fault. His forum receives millions of views a month and he doesn’t even try to monetize it. Instead, he’d rather hold shitty $2 sales for his books. Even using banner ads on his forum would net him at least a grand a month with his traffic.

      Personally, I’ve been banned from commenting on his main blog because I was critical of his recent posts. Thank God I was using a proxy at that time or else he would have traced me to my RVF account and banned my ass.

  3. zorroprimo said

    WADR, your prediction is very wide of the mark. First, there are hordes of haters and ignorant morons on the net, posting bilious comments on blogs they should really just stay away from. I can’t imagine a blog that is not moderated that won’t degenerate into a graffiti-laden sewer if left untended. Second, (and I have no stats to back this up) Roosh seems to be very popular, judging solely by the speed and quantity of comments on his posts. Last, it would appear that there are very few people running blogs of any kind that don’t act out in some way. That’s one of the reasons I have largely given up on manosphere blogs. There is very little intelligent, cogent writing. The rant would appear to be the most esteemed form of rhetoric, and character fossilized at age 17 the most common personality type. Apparently you have to be a crank to retain a readership (Roissy being one of very few exceptions). Man, if there’s one thing I really hate about the blogs listed on delusiondamage.com, it’s this: They either despise each other (MGTOW blogs are constantly dumping on the PUA community), or they are shamelessly fellating each other with hyperbolic praise to inspire web traffic. It’s either “those men are loser scumbags who should die because they don’t live the lifestyle I advise,” or else “my bro’s got this AWESOME new book out on Amazon and I’m reviewing it here next week.”

    These aren’t men; they’re little boys throwing shit from their respective tree forts. It’s pathetic.

    As for bloggers who tolerate no diversity of opinion among the commenters, I suspect that is partially due to the commercialization of their blogs. If I’m trying to flog my latest idiotic CreateSpace piece of hammered out shit, the last thing I’m going to tolerate is someone illuminating that point. And, yes, the preponderance of CreateSpace titles on sale in the manosphere are truly worthless, overpriced drek slammed out by men who would otherwise starve in the world of traditional publishing.

  4. atahualpa said

    Your link is bad, this works: http://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-26293.html

  5. guest said

    Xsplat you got it wrong. RVF isn’t going to die, no. Instead it’s going to simply become more and more of an echochamber and a circlejerk. More so then it is now.

  6. avd said

    Note: I posted this on CH, doubt he’ll let it through.

    Well, it’s now my firm belief that Chateau Heartiste is being paid by RSD to allow their employee YaReally, to incessantly post RSD’s traffic-generating customer acquisition promotional videos in Chateau comments. Consider these points:

    – The Chateau is prime real estate for the pickup industry; perhaps the most choice piece of real estate that exists.

    – Right around the same time that Roissy passed the reigns to his inexperienced heirs, YaReally arrived on the scene.

    – Out of ALL the thousands of pickup companies internationally, ONLY ONE gets its promotional videos posted on the Chateau. Don’t you know that ALL the pickup companies would love to be afforded the same opportunity. Yet, we never see their videos. In fact, if the Chateau sold advertising on its site, we would see nothing but pickup industry ads. And yet, only one pickup company gets its videos posted on EVERY game post.

    – How many websites in ANY industry, on ANY topic, would allow a third party to incessantly post commercial promotional videos for a separate business venture in their site’s comments? It’s unheard of. In fact, I’ve only EVER seen it at the Chateau.

    – But here’s the death knell. Ya just let the cat out of the bag by making the asinine argument that RSD once had to charge for knowledge because only DVD technology was available. But now, with YouTube, they can give it away for free (because they LOVE YOU! Weeeeee!!!). Nigga, please. I suppose RSD also had to charge $500 for their DVDs in the past because YouTube hadn’t been invented.

    Little boys: understand that YouTube videos, in EVERY industry are used to generate traffic for the purpose of customer acquisition. They are “free” to you in the same way that television commercials are “free” to you. They provide considerably more value than TV commercials with the expectation that a certain percentage of you who are pulled into RSD’s marketing funnel by those “free” videos will “convert” and become a customer, who they can then sell their many obscenely priced products to for years to come, squeezing the maximum “lifetime value” out of you as a customer.

    This is a perfectly legitimate business practice. However, it could also reasonably be viewed as deceptive to Chateau’s readership. It would be considerably more “alpha” for the Chateau to post a disclaimer at the top of their site to the effect: “Proudly sponsored by RSD.” This would have no effect on RSD’s customer acquisition of the omegas that wait with bated breath for Ya’s every post, and who are also RSD’s target market. However, for the non-omegas who read the Chateau in good faith, they would certainly thereafter take EVERYTHING Ya posts with a healthy heaping of salt. I think that would be fair to the community. What do the rest of you think?

    Gentlemen, the for-profit pickup community, with VERY FEW exceptions, is comprised of INTERNET MARKETERS. Those guys will skin you alive if you let them. The reason Roissy became so hugely popular is because he WASN’T an internet marketer. Now it seems that the Chateau is, at a minimum, being paid for traffic sent to RSD. At a maximum, who can say? It has even crossed my mind that RSD bought the Roissy site (if that’s the case, congrats, you earned it).

    I don’t even read the Chateau any more. I follow it to keep up with trends in the MS, but I don’t actually read their posts. They haven’t posted anything of value for going on two years now, basically since Roissy stepped away from the helm. Am I being extreme? How often has the Chateau been quoted and debated on other blogs in the past two years? Hardly ever. Roissy used to be posted and debated all over the fucking place, all the fucking time. There was a reason for that.

    • Nietzsche said

      The PUA community was inevitable due to the societal problems now being addressed almost daily at Roissy. How many PUA tips need to be drilled into their skulls? The advice is out there all over the place already. I don’t believe YaReally is an employee of RSD. Though if you watch the infield videos, it’s clear that if you want only to pick up fast, easy, relatively attractive pussy, then RSD is the way to go. They’re all about FUN, right off the bat FUN. Which is what young hot girls are all about. Didn’t you listen to Cindy Lauper? She told us all the truth 30 years ago and no one listened. I have called out the weaselly non-man nature of Tyler, etc. many times and all my comments were posted.

      Of course, at some point you have to behave like a man. And put away your childish things as the NUMBER 1 AND NUMBER LAST BOOK ON THE GBFM SAYZZZ OLOL loolzzz zlozlzlzzz zzzzzz

      There’s nothing about the RSD community and teachings that will prepare men to be men who lead Western Civilization. The men who raise their boys to be real men, the salt of the earth men, have been mocked for decades now, as backward thinking rednecks. Their search for truth will ultimately lead the most intelligent of the bunch to the BEST BOOK FOR MEN and the Undeniable Truth contained within It.

      It is these issues addressed in Roissy’s posts that I believe attracted Vox Day, more so than the somewhat detailed Seuxal Hierarchy, a more detailed and accurate version of which Vox described on his own site. Roosh appears to be moving in that direction, with the creation of the bloody awful RoK, but has attempted to address these issues and educate men by hiring other, less intelligent men who seem to be fabricating their stories.

      I’m curious, do people believe Roissy left because the PUA posts have been less frequent, or is there a marked change in tone?

  7. rivsdiary said

    my latest tweet:

  8. avd said

    I posted this on CH: they will NOT let it through.

    Ok, cameras. Same difference. Upon further reflection, I am now leaning toward the very real possibility that RSD bought the old Roissy site. It makes sense from every conceivable business angle. Roissy was DESTROYING the pickup industry by freely sharing all of their obscenely priced “secrets.” Eliminate competition. Drive traffic. Yes, I am fairly well convinced now, that that is exactly what took place. I will no longer even keep up with CH merely for MS trending purposes, as it is clearly nothing but an element of RSD’s marketing funnel. Which, as I stated, is fine. But RSD is clearly seeking to destroy the MS (MAJOR competitor) by making pathetic milquetoast “proprietor” postings that bring no value to any of us, while simultaneously propping up Ya in the comments as the know-all alternative, so that the community will turn to RSD for its answers. A perfectly sound business strategy. I will not be a part of it.

    Consider this:
    – No normal person has enough free time to be so Johnny-on-the-spot as YaReally, to be able to pull cite and verse from the archives to defend his point… unless he’s getting paid to do it.

    – CH has become quite milquetoast, offering no real knowledge of actionable value.

    – CH PROMOTES YaReally, who is clearly an employee of RSD.

    – YaReally knocks everything in the MS, and redirects followers to RSD. (including Rollo and Roosh)

    – YaReally didn’t just go after the CH readership. He went after ALL of the popular MS sites: Rational Male and Roosh, included. In fact, as I now think about it, it’s likely that RSD also made a deal with Roosh, which would explain a lot.

    – Hey, RSD, fuck you. Call me from Tampa to my cell phone and try to buy me. Fuck you, still. This community is a thousand times more powerful than your little fiefdom. Fuck you, RSD. Did you hear me clearly, faggots? Fuck you! I will never, in a million years, sell out to you, bitchez. Also, please, have your attorneys call me. My assets are safely tucked away—you will never get at them, fucknuts.

    – Send your scum attorneys. You will never touch me. I will bury you.

    – Bring it.

    – Little boys: if you think that YaReally, the representative of RSD, really truly cares about you, think again. It’s a fucking BUSINESS and YOU are the chum.

    Let’s all of us beat back RSD’s attempted infiltration into the MS.

    Gentlemen, share this with your brethren.

    Like xsplat, or hate him, he has ALWAYS been true.

    X, for what it’s worth, it would not surprise me if Roosh Forum (which I have never read) was coming under the same pressure, and that’s why he reacted to you in such bellicose fashion. For better or worse, he is also a threat to the pickup industry. Not saying it’s true, just saying it’s a possibility. RSD is a cash machine (look at their prices). RSD (at least at one time), has investors, per Tyler’s very own spoken words… on $500 DVDs. Entities like xsplat are a huge threat to their gravy train. Fact.

    I agree with X that we need a place where men can communicate that is NOT censored, and that is free of the influence of the for-profit pickup industry. We don’t need them. We don’t need Tyler’s “free” videos. We don’t need bootcamps. What we fucking need is a place where men can openly and honestly share our life experiences, without moderation, and without profit seeking. (Not that I have anything against profits, but a man’s ability to exist in this world with females is way more important than profit.) I would be willing to go in on something like that. Fuck these INTERNET MARKETERS, fuck them to hell.

  9. Ruxman said

    Doesn’t the redpill reddit take a large part of that free talk community..

  10. No Person said

    How about creating a community forum – one where no one person is the owner? Moderation (suspension/banning of poster, deleting/striking out of post or comment, etc.) will be in the form of member voting. When something is reported, forum members have a three day window to vote yay or nay. There’s platforms out there (such as Ning) that provide free hosting..

  11. I said

    Is the NaughtyNomad forum a good alternative?

    • Mr Annonymous said

      No, Roosh and his forum members troll it. Some of the banned users provide good info but Roosh’s low quality clown posters troll them and start flame wars. Place is a mess, plus NN is too much of a pussy to ban anyone.

      • Anon said

        THIS pretty much. There are trolls there like RockingForever that just need to be banned but NN is either too busy or too much of a pussy to ban them.

  12. avd said

    From the past two years of unceasing divide and conquer dissention being sown and pushed in the MS, who stands to benefit the most? (Hint, Rollo: it’s NOT Aunt Giggles, whoever that is.) Who has hard cash on the line and investors to please? Who does the MS hurt (besides feminists)? Whose livelihood does the MS threaten? Who has the time and resources and employees to engage the MS in multi-party “epic trolling,” over extended time periods? A blogger? I don’t think so. What singular entity has attacked: xsplat, Rollo, Roosh, and COUNTLESS other online personas? COUNTLESS. Let me repeat that: COUNTLESS. How many free-thinking, clearly independent contributors has that entity driven out of the community? (I miss those guys. I didn’t agree with everything they said, but I appreciated the fact that they honestly shared from their lives.) What entity, like a crack dealer, fosters dependence of readers on its content, rather than promoting independent thinking?

    Gentlemen, there is only one entity that has engaged in all of the above. Only one. Why has the community gone to shit in the past two years? It can all be traced back to that same entity. The vast majority of us have no desire to bicker and argue. The vast majority of us have no desire to compete in juvenile amog contests (especially when no pussy is even on the line). The vast majority of us will NEVER turn to obscenely priced, for-profit , internet marketing hucksters for something so fundamental in our lives as relating to the egg-bearing gender of our species—NEVER. (Internet marketing hucksters create false “problems” like the mythical “amog,” so that you will purchase their obscenely priced “solution” to that problem that they made up in the first place.) What singular entity feebly attempts to undermine all parties in the MS, and then attempts to redirect readers to a for-profit pickup site? What entity single-handedly brought all the negative divide and conquer energy and attitude to the MS, at large? Who brought that energy to the MS? Who benefits?

    I humbly suggest that the community grab sack, refuse to allow any further divide and conquer bullshit to affect us, and tell the internet marketing hucksters to go pound sand (or THEIR version of 10s). Else the internet marketing hucksters will use US to destroy what WE built, leaving only their obscenely priced huckster solutions in the void. Let’s not allow that. How? It’s real simple. Shun the fucks who try to push us to obscenely priced solutions. If they are unable to share with the community from the ORIGINAL experience of their OWN lives WITHOUT referring us to a commercial for-profit company, then by definition, their commentary is illegitimate in the MS—they have NOTHING GENUINE to offer. If we want for-profit commercial content, we are all free to go and purchase it, from whichever vendor. However, I don’t think that’s why any of us read the MS, now, is it? (Rollo’s upcoming book, I trust, will not be an obscenely priced solution. I’m talking about info frauducts that cost hundreds of dollars, and boot camps that cost thousands of dollars, sold via HEAVY HANDED conversion copy LIES.)

    It’s up to you gentlemen: defend the MS that WE built, or let it fall to the pickup industry scammers. Your choice. Don’t let yourself down on this one.

    I did not bother to post this on CH.

    • xsplat said

      You’re referring to yareally and his constant posting of RSD vids.

      Your idea of him having a financial interest in his shenanegans makes perfect sense. He might just also be a cult member. Jehova’s Witnesses proseletize for free, and put a lot of effort into it. Or maybe he’s both.

      I’m generally interested in PUA technology, but I could never watch Tyler vids. And I’m not alone. I’ve heard other guys also say that they are so put off by the guys personality that watching his vids is impossible for them. Too painful. The guys social skills among men seems really off to me. Also I can’t bear the slow pace of actionable content delivery. Tyler could say in a few sentences what it takes a 20 minute video for him to build up to, but he prefers to drone on and on, as if just standing up there in front of a crowd of guys is the point. It’s as if he’s figured out that the more time and money you invest, the more you’ll think that you are getting something worthwhile. So he sucks up as much time as he can get away with. Unbearable.

      And it goes without saying that yareally is a complete social retard among men. No surprise that his role model is Tyler.

      I don’t really care one way or the other if people charge money for PUA stuff, but I agree with you that the for profit motive can lead to problems – guys being oversold on overconfidence and sold on stuff that won’t actually work for them, or guys being bled dry of money for info they could get for free elsewhere, or guys encouraged on in cult like beliefs when a community of open minded critical peers would do a better job at correcting their flaws.

      But I don’t really care about RSD. They probably have some good stuff to offer, and they probably figure out some new things from time to time.

      The wack jobs like yareally are easy enough to ignore. I don’t read CH anymore, but when yareally posts on Rollos blog it doesn’t look like anyone listens to him. He comes across as an idiot to me. An idiot with nothing to say – I’ve looked a few times to see what he is offering, and I can never find any useful actionable advice at all. So he seems just a laughable, harmless, idiotic character of no influence. Hope I got that right.

      Maybe he’s more influential over at CH. The comment section over there famously went to shit, and is famously no longer read by the guys who were once active there. So I don’t know what kind of influences go on there. What a waste of a once good thing though.

      Maybe it’s the same Heartiste writing there, but something really weird happened to his brain, like degradation through amphetamine use. Maybe Yareally is his meth supplier, and that’s why he tolerates and even agrees with his idiocy.

      • avd said

        Fair enough, thanks.

      • Kieran said

        To be fair to Yareally, he also posts videos from Simple Pickup, along with some other sources, that all support his point that game can result in success with women, even without looks, money, or muscles. I tend to agree with most of his posts, although they are often too long winded for me to bother reading.

  13. jimmy said

    Related to Roosh in a general way
    When you think differently (laterally, open minded, deep thinker, likes to think, learns quickly, seeks the truth etc) to most people it has taken me a while to realize that other people/ most people have in comparison a relatively limited mind capacity and therefore a limited thinking ability. I don’t mean this in a superior way – more as an observation.
    It is if they have a certain capacity on a single track and when this is reached they over heat and the response is anger. Even when they cool down they have shut down – like the capacity was reached and breached and now that line is damaged.
    When they respond in that way it is very perplexing as from your own experience you welcome new ideas and discussions etc. I naturally like to swap ideas on some topic to constantly improve. However the limited minded person seems to react in a very negative way when mostly all you are doing is exchanging ideas with them. This took me a long while to understand (assuming what I am saying is correct in some way).

    It seems people like to have their say but don’t ever welcome additions to their ideas or heaven forbid a counter argument. The act of saying something seems to be the end point and any echoes to this are the only thing welcomed as there is no more capacity in their mind for it.
    Most people seem to act this way in conversation. They say a monologue, then you (are supposed to) say a monologue in return. Usually they tell some story and you are supposed to tell a similar story in return.
    If you want to discuss or expand or counter any of their points (usually as they are saying them) they get very angry and lose their track – which I find is never hard to put them back onto.
    If you think that they are acting childish and then continue to explain your point (because they will wake from their sleep once they ‘see’) they get extremely angry.

    I find that they expect you to realize from their anger that you have fucked up big time. It is if the anger is some ‘social signal’ that you have done bad in their mind which you should be able to read and react to. If you continue to talk with them or wonder why they act in that way they perceive you to be ‘socially retarded’ in a ‘social intelligence’ respect because you didn’t read them (assuming they are right and you are wrong). Where as you wonder why they are acting in a retarded closed minded way from their anger. They never come around to any other conclusion as it is not in their minds capacity to think they are in the wrong. Most times your input is from a place of helping them or sharing some wisdom with them.

    Recently I have been thinking of ways in which you can make a person angry in order for them to make mistakes to my benefit.
    An added bonus would be to weave some perceived social intelligence faux pas into it as they think that since you didn’t react in the right way you are even more stupid.

    I find if I can make an unattractive over weight cashier annoyed in some (often subtle) way they will almost always give me too much change or at least make some mistake. The anger never abates and it is as if it is anchored to them just by seeing you.

    • xsplat said

      I want to follow on from your train of thought, and so will crosspost a comment I wrote from another thread:

      Also, his control issues over what frame and opinion others are allowed to express is so extreme that I am labeling it a personality disorder. Not sure which one fits best. Does narcissistic rage apply when you won’t let your persona take any ego damage? It’s one thing to be ego protective, but another to just ban people who disagree with you from talking to OTHER people about stuff unrelated to you.
      And then another from a comment over at rivsdiary:
      A guy I know told me a story of how he had commented on the RVF and Roosh sent him a private message telling him to basically respect the senior forum members and not be so brash. This guy had made the mistake of talking to certain hands-off members as if they were equals – just other guys that you can talk normally to and criticize or openly disagree with. He wasn’t trolling or flaming or anything – just talking to them as if they were regular guys.

      Big faux pas.

      That’s bad enough. It’s gotten now so that you don’t even have to say any particular thing to any particular one. You can get banned for just having unidentified views that are “subtle game denial” or haterism. Or from agreeing with someone who has the wrong views. Or from peeing facing north, instead of east – who knows.


      So I’m going to agree with you that people, for some reason or another, can think fine, but then either run out of steam or put up mental road blocks. I’m going to use the mental map of mental road block – that seems to fit the puzzle pieces together better, as it seems that ego protection is the common denominator here – the world view in question supports the ego – their self conception is wrapped up in the concepts, and so that’s untouchable.

      But on a forum of course, a free exchange of ideas is crucial. It just won’t work with a narcissist at the helm.

      • Scandibro said

        I was banned from the forum just recently for this exact reason for quote ‘Insulting moderator’. What I did in reality was express amusement how one of the main moderators and writers on ROK could be so emotionally irrational on a certain topic of politics, when he tried to present himself as so rational in his writings on women – where he is constantly very agressive – to the point of actually being misogynistic (yes actually).

        I responded to a comment of his where he left a completely unfounded one word shame language to guys discussing the drawbacks of immigration in Europe.

        That to me is simple hypocrisy. You have on one hand these guys lambasting against shaming tactics of feminists and how irrational they are when debating then they go right out and do exactly the same thing on other topics. The response to that quite innocent remark was twofold, most members saying stuff like ‘who are you’, ‘what right do you have to talk to this guy’ in what is honestly pathetic cult like behavior.

        In the first place, I found value in RooshVforum and his blog from his travel advice and sharing it with others. That is truly the valuable part, which isn’t found anywhere else. All the other ‘game’ stuff isn’t very original and can be found many other places. There was also some good stuff on lifestyle and working while travelling.

        Many of the members though seem rather dull to be honest. I doubt many of them even travel and their only interest in feminism is in so far as how to exploit it to get laid.

        The point is, that while I respect a lot of these members for their insights on gaming and sleeping with women, and therefore don’t make brash statements in game threads, I don’t respect them at all for their insights into business, travelling, politics and life in general. However, that doesn’t stop them from thinking that because they have some game, that they are all knowing great men, while in reality their advice outside gaming is very limited.

        What I think will happen is that the part of Rooshv that is valuable – the travel info – could easily find a new place when the ideas about picking up women abroad get more mainstream and more accepted. The same with lifestyle design, these are things many people are interested in.

  14. avd said

    Jimmy, look at you: all mature and shit. Carry on, friend. It only becomes more insane as you delve deeper. Humans are animals. I love animals (dogs, horses, et al). Humans shit where they eat. No other mammal does that.

  15. It’s tricky finding a balance between keeping the signal high and being overly sensitive. I know it all too well, as trp just passed 13k subscribers, a lot of people cry foul play when I’m just trying to keep things on-topic. Too much noise. I’ve always enjoyed roosh’s forum but haven’t really been around any of the drama so..

    • xsplat said

      That’s why men invented the concepts of law and justice. Moderation policies that everyone can understand and appreciate – both the moderators and the users – will be fair and balanced. It is considered preferable if the community has a hand in the lawmaking process.

      If a user is banned without violating the policies, then the policies are updated for all to see.

      Communities run on the whims of a dictator are eventually abandoned or disintegrate.

  16. Mr Annonymous said

    At one point (2 years back) people would hear the name of Roosh when he wasn’t as known, see his attacks on feminism, and men would run and rally around him on forums and blogs. People considered him some sort of an brave man for telling it like it is and liked him for it. Roosh created a cult like following by promising people of foreign lands where they could score with beautiful women not corrupted by feminism and some guys just ate it up!

    I can tell you that is not the case now, in fact it is the exact opposite.

    The blogs by Aaron Sleazy and some other guy on WordPress did some damage on Roosh’s reputation. In fact now if you google Roosh V, so many negative things come up that it is sure to drive his sales down and ruin his reputation. The guy even has his name mentioned on Stormfront!

    Secret is that Roosh himself has fallen when it comes to respect outside of his precious little bubble (his forum and his blog). I saw it coming a mile away when he started “Return Of Kings”. Purpose was to get a blog that would take attention away from him but still give him some positive viewership. I am a fan of some of the things Law Dogger posts but other than that the entire blog is a waste of time and far too generic, it is like an Elite Daily rip off.

    Yet you see, Roosh will never realize he has messed up. The few loyal posters on his forum (Athlone, Neil, Samseau, etc.) will be there to massage his misguided ego and keep telling him he is doing nothing wrong. Roosh has built a fortress with no idea of what is going on outside of his forum.

    He sends people to promote his posts on other forums but thanks to the WordPress guy that called him a fraud, posters on the forum simply put up pics of Roosh and say “ya this guy has no right to bitch about American women”. Roosh has fallen and people see him as a sad and miserable joke that no one wants to be around. He is no longer the cool guy who called out feminism, he is the sexually frustrated 30 year old that could never make anything of his life now the world is seeing that.

    Of course any forum that talks bad about Roosh will get a bad reputation and be made fun of by his small roundtable of hopelessly misguided posters. Overtime Roosh will lose more and more support and eventually just fade away without leaving much of a mark. His forum will become empty, traffic will go down, and less and less people will want anything to do with it.

    Roosh’s time has simply come. I just hope some filth that posts on his forum does not end up invading other forums.

  17. I noticed that Roosh loves the book “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene. One of my favorite books of all time and unfortunately he broke some of the laws.

    Law 19 is the one that comes to mind and I saw a classic example of it being broken in this case. It tells you the various people you don’t want to mess with. One of those people being the “hopelessly insecure”. It states NOT to mess with people like that.

    Not sure if you are aware of this or not but some guy they call the “IRT” is a 20 year old dude insecure about his race. Apparently he got banned, said one or two bad things about Roosh, and became the talk of his forum even after he was banned. Roosh decided to dedicate a few threads to not only making fun of him but Indian people as a whole.

    Well needless to say that this IRT guy started a blog that along with Aaron Sleazy and Social Kenny is right up there in the first few pages when you google “roosh v”. The guy went full blast, he put up pictures of Roosh, wrote essays on how much his life sucks, and just went full out.

    Roosh broke law 19 and to other bloggers out there reading, don’t break law 19.

    Now he creates a fortress to surround himself with only those that agree with him in most cases.

    Of course it is obvious he created a cult like following at the start by promising people of places in the world they can go to screw beautiful women and then having discussions about it. Yet I see that Roosh’s time has come.

    Now when his posts are linked to on any forum people simply refer to the blog posts that come up on google about him and he loses all credibility right off the bat. The IRT landed a lot of hard shots on Roosh. Sleazy helped him out a lot with his posts and now Roosh’s reputation in the PUA world is down the drain.

    Eitherways while I comment on this here, Roosh’s forum members who are a part of his echochamber will massage his sensitive ego. In a few months, his precious forum will turn into a wasteland.

  18. rivsdiary said

    xsplat, i think you will like this post, where i compare and contrast steve jabba, roosh, roissy, krauser and the men of daygame.com.


  19. anonymous said


    • xsplat said

      Ya, that thread on RVF titled ” Sucks that xsplat was banned!” was very quickly shut down by the moderators.

      The moderation policy is that it’s not allowed to talk about the moderation policy.

      Uh huh.

      Honestly, I don’t think it’s just in my head. That place can’t survive long term. Some of the posters have very interesting things to say, and you can’t keep quality posters around while gagging them like that.

      • Blackburn said

        1st RULE: You do not talk about the MODERATION POLICY.
        2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about the MODERATION POLICY.
        3rd RULE: If your moderator says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.
        4th RULE: Only two trolls to a fight.
        5th RULE: One fight at a time.
        6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.
        7th RULE: Marketing for RSD will go on as long as it has to.
        8th RULE: If this is your first post from Ya, you HAVE to buy something.

  20. Blackburn said

    Hey All,
    Have you seen Just Four Guys yet? New blog only one month old. The link is their about page which lays out their intent for the nature of the discussions. TedD, HanSolo, Morpheous, and Obsidian are the four. Obsidian got banned at CH a few years back I think. Maybe worth keeping an eye on, Not strictly game related but seem promising. Anyone know anything about the other three besides Obsidian?

    • xsplat said

      Haven’t checked out that sight yet, but I don’t mind saying that I consider Obsidian to be a race obsessed idiot. I have no respect for his ability to think. So there’s that.

  21. Jake said

    Roosh has no experience in real life confrontation. He lacks physical aptitude or emotional/mental fortitude. Most that spend the crucial developing adult years living in their father’s basement don’t. In short he is a coward. Now he is in charge of something for the first time in his life, and has found he can bully from a computer screen. His forum is finished, as soon there will be more imaginary members (other desperate bloggers) there than real people.

    Now Roosh has created an army of disgruntled members scouring the internet to chronicle their disdain. In his lifelong quest for acceptance, he further pushes that goal away. A loser is a loser.

    As with his empire, the manosphere too will fall. Both were destined to fail for many reasons. The core of it being though, there was never one who could be taken as a competent leader. Roosh is everything but masculine, and all these years still lacks even the slightest semblance of anything traditional men are defined as.

    Roosh will reemerge somewhere on the web. He started Return of Kings for others to write while he works feverishly on another project. The other alternative is to go back to the basement and live his D.C. nightmare.

  22. I got kicked out recently but luckily I started my own forum right before I left, best move I ever did. My traffic is up almost double since I left, so it turned out for the better. Most of the interesting people have been already kicked out…

  23. […] Seems like he is a little short on cash and respected forum members are starting to predict the forum doesn’t have much time left. […]

  24. Sirgian said

    One hopes what you say happens but the problem is that the niche being filled gets occupied by by the same people that post on roosh forum so it would just be an extension of that forum. You had Happier Abroad and then Roosh. Heard Naughty Nomad is the other one but people I know who post there say it is an extension of Roosh’s forum with his forum members moderating the whole thing, entire place is a mess. Another thing they said is Naughty Nomad doesn’t have a backbone and is too scared to ban anyone.

    That is what I am afraid of. I would love a forum where men can share information about foreign countries and daygame there without every discussion talking about how much feminism sucks and how women are evil. There probably will be another forum to occupy the niche market as you say but I am afraid that forum will get flooded with the same people found on Roosh forum. Now you have different versions of the same thing. Its not like these guys spend much time away from their computers so if that new niche pops up, look for roosh’s forum members to run there, leave his forum, and set up the same ideology that was present on his forum.

    • xsplat said

      Like many contributors, I spent too much of my time being active there; forum posting can be addictive. Surprisingly I never missed it after stopping cold turkey.

      I had bought a domain and planned on promoting it as a forum, but now am thinking my time could be better spent focusing on my factory and local situation.

      Real world face to face interaction among a community of top notch peers would be ideal. Perhaps in a salon format some day, and in the meantime by hosting visitors.

      Then again… A better forum would be good to create. That’s on the back-burner for now.

  25. Germaine said

    A good alternative: http://www.pua-zone.com/

  26. Peppy said

    Looks as if the Manosphere is collapsing. RVF will fall in due time. I was banned last year but had met several member in the Philippines. Most of the membership goes abroad because of the cheaper prices of sex. Backpage hooker cost too much in the U.S. or U.K. but runs a 1/5 of that in Manila. They claim the hookers as notches. I saw it all go down. Sad, especially having to pay for sex in these places. This gives a good idea of how just bad the senior members are. Sad and entertaining.

  27. […] August of 2013 I predicted that the RV forum would go downhill, due to overmoderation and pathological […]

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