rvf-going-downNow that the market for a community of lifestyle enthusiasts has been identified and established, that market niche must be filled.

The manosphere had origins in usenet groups that dealt with fast seduction. Male oriented relationship focused blogs also sprung up, such as the no-maam.com blog, and the Roissy blog. Roissy attracted a large group to comment on his well written posts, and that acted as a seed catalyst for several other bloggers and splinter communities. After Roissy over-moderated his forum and possibly changed writers, his community was largely abandoned, however the need for a mens community was already established, and so people looked elsewhere. Many turned to the Rooshvforum.

But apparently Roosh has some serious personality problems. I’m not just speculating trash on him because of being banned there – his forum has long been building up a reputation of being heavily over moderated, and he has been generating angry controversy over his dictatorial moderating hand. He brooks no disagreement with his personal views.

This can’t be tolerated forever. Roosh does not respect that it is not HIS community. HE does not provide the content there. It is user generated content. The users own it, not Roosh. That he does not understand this and is not shy of banning people for disagreeing with HIM shows some serious personality defects. Normal people don’t behave that way. People are saying that he’s starting to lose it. I think it’s worse than a crisis of meaning as he searches for a new direction in life; he has underlying personality problems.

The theme of countless movies and countless ape tribes is one of a male rising to leadership status, and then attempting to maintain power by heavy handed and even abusive measures. The male is then overthrown, all at once, by a fed up community. This theme is written into our DNA.

The Rooshvforum will be overthrown. As the demand for such a community is now well established, the community will live on.

I give it 6 months. Then we’ll see the RVF community collapse in the same fashion that the Roissy/Heartiste community did.

Keep your eye out for an alternative. The market demands that the niche will be filled, and the nature of humans is to demand free expression and to topple heavy dictatorial hands.

Roosh became overconfident and picked the wrong battles with men he assumed were weak and optionless. His lack of political skills will leave him abandoned, without a constituency. And then where will he be? He’s already mentioned that he has no more desire to flag for bragging rights. His income and support system will dwindle. Will he become the next Mark Minter, living in his sisters spare room, raging against a system that doesn’t fulfill his desires? Admonishing men not to fuck feminists?

There are lessons here for all community leaders; age old lessons known well before Roman times. Be mindful of public opinion, don’t make enemies needlessly, and don’t underestimate your opponents. It is your constituency that gives you power. They can also take it away.