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The private messages to Roosh that got me permabanned from RVF

Posted by xsplat on August 1, 2013

Following the MMMS posts, Roosh sent me this PM:

Roosh Wrote:Dear xsplat,

You have received a warning that has resulted in a temporary posting suspension. You will be allowed to post once the suspension is complete, but your warning level will remain for the next 90 days. If it increases to 100% upon additional warnings, you will be permanently banned.

Reason for suspension: Hyper aggressive, meltdown watch

Duration: 7 day(s)

To which I replied:
Would it be possible to publicly clarify the moderation policy? As I’m not able to figure out how that works, or what guidelines I’ve broken.

The recent series of posts in that thread did get some likes and 4 new rep points.

I don’t see that I flamed anyone. Every thought expressed I believe, and would want to state regardless of emotion or not. The are rational and coherent. No one was singled out with insults.

Is it just that you don’t like the ideas that I express? They don’t fit in with your views? Is that how the moderation policy works?

Some sort of guidelines would help, otherwise honestly I have no idea how to avoid another ban.

Roosh Wrote:If everyone on the forum adopted your argumentative, offensive style, the forum would be chaos. Tone it down. This is a community and so more diplomacy would be in order. If you’re not sure whether something would lead to a ban or not, you shouldn’t do it.

So is the guideline not to be argumentative? Not to be offensive?

Is it left deliberately vague in order to stifle expressions of certain thoughts? If that was the unwanted effect, would you consider altering your policy, or at least making it clear enough that people would be able to know if they were violating it without a wait and see?

The idea of “If you’re not sure whether something would lead to a ban or not, you shouldn’t do it.” is not a clear guideline for me. I would never have thought anything that I posted would lead to any sort of ban.

And now I don’t know what it is I need to censor. Things that people disagree with?

I’ve received a number of private messages from others that mention their attitude towards the moderation. Would that be something that you’d be interested in seeing?

Also, those posts got me 6 rep points, so many have said that they really appreciated my thoughts. If I were to stifle my style, I simply would not be able to communicate. There would not have been any rep points, and that would mean no value added to that discussion.

Is that what your moderation policy is aiming for? I hope not, but honestly don’t know. In any case, that would be the consequence, intended or not.

Writing comes with style and tone, sometimes. I did not flame anyone, and was rational and reasonable. If I had to never show any emotion I’d never type.

no response

I see you didn’t respond to my last pm which asked “If you are interested I’ll share with you other peoples thoughts to me of how they now self censor their very ideas on your forum, due to moderation policy.”

Should I take the silence to mean that you are not interested in what the 11 other people had to say about the moderation policy, and how for some it makes them self censor not only the tone, but what the ideas they talk about?

Many years back I used to post on the thaivisa.com forum. They have a moderation policy there that it is not allowed to talk about the moderation policy. Do you have the same policy? Would I be allowed to initiate a thread about the moderation policy?

no response

Also, I understand that Pitt got a 1 day ban for what he wrote in that thread. I was just reading over his posts there, and can’t figure that one out.

Was it because his ideas disagreed with yours?

So are we to interpret “If you’re not sure whether something would lead to a ban or not, you shouldn’t do it.” to mean, “If you are unsure if the moderators disagree with your viewpoint or not, you shouldn’t post”?

If that is not the case, then what is the case? Do you want us to have guidelines to follow, or do you want us to tip toe around trying to spare the moderators discomfort? I can see that disagreement is tolerated, even emotional disagreement, especially when the disagreement is with outsiders, such as Lindsey West. And disagreement is tolerated if the moderators agree with the argument. But even very tactful disagreement with the ideas of the moderators, such as Pitt showed – is that what will lead to a ban?

Do you want us to not know, such that if we are unable to read the moderators mind then we will simply not post at all? Wouldn’t that lead to either an echo chamber or a forum as uncontentious as Pinterest?

no response, however;


Comments to me in Private Message from RVF members:

guy #1) I tend to self-moderate pretty heavily sometimes and even then I worry that I’ll get caught up in a discussion that rubs someone the wrong way and get banned.

guy #2) I’m unimpressed with the way so many people are getting banned lately. Okay, some of them are dicks and deserve it, but many are quality posters with over a thousand posts to their names. It seems we’re not allowed to disagree with ‘the Management’ any more – plain old censorship. Same with locking the thread – so heavy handed.

I just keep quiet on some contentious issues because the value of the forum as a resource to me is greater than my need to explain my views to strangers who mostly don’t care what I think.

guy #3) The mods here are far too strict in my opinion.

guy #4) Banned? That’s ridiculous we were having a good chat. I had never thought of personal growth vs. hypocrisy so clearly, it was interesting.

guy #5) Sucks about your 7 day ban. I don’t think you deserved it at all.

guy #6) I got a 1 day ban too, I dont even think i disrespected anyone but oh well.

guy #7) i dont like how this place is becoming a bit of dictatorship where top posters can say whatever they think and everyone has to agree with them.

guy #8) Sorry to hear about the suspension, this forum can be brutal. I tend to self-moderate pretty heavily sometimes and even then I worry that I’ll get caught up in a discussion that rubs someone the wrong way and get banned.

guy #9) they banned you for demolishing their group think, basically.

guy #10) I didn’t see you saying anything that was offensive(but I didn’t read every post.)

guy #11) I think there is too much banning going on here. It is scary the number of people who have being banned altogether. Indeed – I hold back myself – since I can’t be bothered dealing with bans and so forth. .. I agreed with you – but I don’t have the patience for those back and forward debates. I usually just reinterpret my opponent’s views into something I can agree with. Congratulate them on giving me something to think about. And then move on…

33 Responses to “The private messages to Roosh that got me permabanned from RVF”

  1. atahualpa said

    Well, xplat, I’ve been a big fan of your for a long time, and really enjoy your writing, but I got to give this one to Roosh; you might even have been right but you were pretty annoying. But hey, you have your own blog, so go to town!

    I think you make a pretty good argument, but my disagreement with you, which I was disappointed not to be able to post on the original thread is this:

    Even if you are right that it is totally cool for him to have fallen for a girl and found intimacy after big-talking so thoroughly, it doesn’t change the facts that:

    1) IT still makes no sense and is unnecessary to get formally married in the western contract-wtih-the-state legal sense. Sure, fall in love, live as married even but if any of it ever meant anything whatsoever then he knows that why bind yourself with the state in this way? This is a failed test for him assuming any of it was real.

    2) Did they really think that posting proclamations of their love and announcing their engagement across various sites in the sphere would go over? Why attention-whore it up? IT seemed to have been mostly Kate starting it, but Mark came in right behind her. It was ugly and painful to watch, and reflected poorly on them both. If any of what he wrote ever meant anything then why would he fail this blatant shit test so poorly? If they’re both so modern and red-pill, why doesn’t he control his woman? If he can’t now, at the beginning, do you really thing they will be happy?

    3) The squealing with pride about how he had secured ‘comitment’. The strangeness of ‘I’ve seen pictures.” Kate imagining the sphere to be her fish-wives club, acting as though she expected to be lauded and shown increased respect, her shock and minor meltdown when she realized it wasn’t going the way she had envisioned. The poor instincts of the chateau management team and the chateau clucking hen’s club. The unchallenged appearance of the ex. Its all enough to make me think it is a big troll job, or that it was envisioned as a prank.

    It is not just the fact that he turned out to be a total bullshitter, it is the tremendous, complete personal fail that is all the more upsetting to see from someone who has shown the capacity to understand the dynamics going on.

    Top that motherfucker.

  2. Sherlock said

    Maybe start posting here instead:


  3. YouSoWould said

    No great loss if you ask me mate, that place is like an echo chamber at the best of times. The whole of the part of the manosphere that deals with game – barring a few quality blogs of dudes that “get it”, such as yours – is an echo chamber of the same superficial parlour tricks.

    Don’t forget Roosh is a brand. If you go on the forums, posting statements which others can see are self-evidently true about how to be successful with women, which run counter to the garbage that Roosh espouses, then you’re threatening his income stream. Can’t have that now can we.

    • xsplat said

      Roosh is no longer responsible for the content on his forum – good or bad. It became a meeting place of men with broadly similar interests, however the value is mostly given by the contributors – not roosh.

      It’s disrespectful of him to not care about what the contributors to the forum want, in terms of moderation. They provide nearly all the value to the place, yet he doesn’t even care what they want.

      There are some great commentors and fine minds and guys I’d love to hang out with on that forum. Guys who agree with me, and guys who don’t. It’s not the RooshVForum – it’s a forum of men – some who agree with Roosh in many areas, and some who disagree with many areas. It’s not about Roosh.

      Roosh however doesn’t seem to see it that way.

      This leaves an untapped market in the manosphere – a place where men can speak their minds and gather. Such a place does not exist right now, as far as I know.

      Maybe it needs to be created.

      The problem is though that such things are partially just blind luck – you can’t really set out to create a popular forum, as far as I know. You need a critical mass, and that happens organically.

      It might be worth it though to set up an alternative. I’m thinking about it. But I would not be involved in moderating in any way, nor associate it with the xsplat brand. I would not own it or influence it in any way other than through my posts.

      But ya, I agree there is a lot of group think going on. It happens in pockets and cliques, and the RVF has it’s own flavor of popular group-think and accepted memes. It’s unfortunate to see Roosh prune away dissention from the forum. I forecast doom to the place.

      Heartiste also used to over-moderate, and that’s why I stopped posting there a few years ago. Causation or correlation, I don’t know, but before I left there the comments section was lively and well respected, and since then every reference to it is negative. His moderation killed the place.

      I forecast bad things for RVF, if his policy continues.

      His forum already had a reputation for being over-moderated, and for kicking out some fine and valued contributors for no good reason.

      Apparently he is not shy at all about keeping that up.

      Which again, is extremely disrepectful to the guys who actually build the place. He’s acting as if it’s HIS place. But it no longer is. It belongs to the contributors.

      A new place is needed where the men can be men without interference.

      A community can not be a community under such moderation.

      I don’t think Roosh really understands what community is, any more than he understands what intimacy is.

      He’s STILL all about busting a nut and bragging about it – it’s STILL not even on his radar that there are other options in life; other ways to approach women.

      And he will not tolerate any such other ways to be spoken of in his presence. Not as long as he has power of moderation.

      So, no community can exist under such harsh oversight. Men can’t be men. They can only obey, or be excommunicated.

      Pathological control issues that disrespects the very foundation of free association.

      You can NOT freely associate there. You can not freely express your ideas there. If you disagree, you are banned. If you are enjoying a free association with someone there, that other person can be banned. Association only if approved. Ideas only if approved.

      He has no respect or understanding of what community is.

      • YouSoWould said

        Complete agree that such a forum where men may participate in intellectual discussion, and expound any viewpoint provided it is backed up by reasoning, is a good thing. As you say however, it’s generally not such a simple case of clicking your fingers and bringing one into being. Finding reliable moderators is a battle in itself.

        I stand by my assertion that you’re better off being banned. Roosh may have started out as a bitter guy with a blog, who was shit with girls, but he’s morphed into a manosphere brand, from which he makes a good living. His books, his television appearances, minor celebrity status in obscure eastern European countries – I’m surprised the merchandising hasn’t started yet. By spending your time posting on his forums which bear his name, you are indirectly contributing to his brand. As soon as you become a threat to that, you are cut off. Mindless drones who repeat misogynistic mantras verbatim are good for sales. Intelligent, eloquent, argumentative men who are able to set forth and ably defend a position that runs contrary to the status quo are not.
        Roosh may be many things, but stupid is not one of them.

      • xsplat said

        I did a good a job as I knew how, to do what I set out to do.

        I set out to wrest the frame away from Roosh and Heartiste, because I saw that their frame was in many important ways pernicious and harmful.

        They are both anti-intimacy, and both over-emphasize a too minor portion of what it means to be a man. Heartiste over-values confidence and Roosh over values independence.

        I’m satisfied with what I’ve done. I believe the frame has been wrested from them. They no longer control it. The manosphere is now bigger than either of them.

        You couldn’t say that before.

        I played my role, small as it was – it was part of the dialogue and was influential.

      • NoOne said

        I think the democratic community forum needs to be done (as I described in your Prediction post). Roosh created that forum and pays hosting, so it’s his property and he’s entitled to do as he pleases there. A democratic community forum where things get voted is the next evolution from here. I too have opposing views (mostly about all wasted the effort/resources thrown into trying to get ‘bangs’ which I think is tunnel visioned boy-think) but prefer not to post them there as I know it’ll get me banned.

  4. rivsdiary said

    i also got banned from RVF.

    • xsplat said

      He he. I bet you posted insightful and thoughtful stuff. And I bet no one had a clue why you were banned.

      From what I hear a lot of well respected writers get banned there, and nobody really knows why. It’s difficult to keep track of the missing persons.

      And now the remaining people are wary of even speaking their minds.

      And it’s fine to say just post elsewhere, but at this time there is no substitute, that I know of.

      That’s going to have to change. A community is necessary for men, and the right to excommunicate is not a light-hearted oh-never-mind-about-it thing.

      And I’m not so quick to diss the remaining contributors there. There is still a lot of value given on that place. By the users.

      I want to see them move elsewhere, along with new users. That’s not necessarily a pipe dream. I can imagine steps being taken and it happening. I mean, what other option is there? The status quo of censorship and fragmentation of any broad men’s self improvement and lifestyle movement?

      No, the idea of a forum with a broad base of guys adding value is a great one. That’s got to continue. But it’s not working properly as of now.

      Ya, I don’t think it’s overly ambitious. Change can happen, if certain steps are taken. I can see those steps being taken. We need large communities.

      Some forums moderate by moving the more aggressive content-free troll posts and comments to a hate-sub-forum. That way they can still be read, but don’t pollute the main threads. People can hate and insult all they want, within certain fenced boundaries. That’s a good compromise between mayhem and censorship.

      Just reading your post about your ban now http://rivsdiary.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/it-looks-like-i-have-been-banned-from-rooshs-forum/#comments

      Looks like Roosh has gone off the deep end.

      I’d like to get a list of all posters who’ve been banned. Anyone who knows of any, please post here.

      copy of my comment on your post:

      Seems Roosh is going off the deep end. I hope for his sake he’s heading for some sort of nervous breakdown that he can come out on the other side of in a restructured way.

      Cognitive dissonance is what causes nervous breakdowns, I’m told. And after the edifice of beliefs comes crashing down, a new foundation and building can go up.

      So I hope he doesn’t just let his building lay a crumbling tenement, but let’s it collapse. Sure seems like his foundational structures are about to give way, judging by his talk of not being sure what his motivation or direction is anymore. And what’s he even going to do for money now?

      A man in crisis, at the helm of a very valuable resource, making desperately bad decisions.

      • Anon said

        “A community is necessary for men…”

        Personally, the only reason I signed-up to his forum was because of the travel section. I couldn’t care less about the community for men aspect.

  5. LibertarianBootyHunter said

    I called out Roosh and the whole forum yesterday in a thread based on the same reasons you mentioned. Anyone forwarding a different opinion is branded a troll and banned on sight. Quality posters are getting banned left and right under the banner of ” keeping the forum troll free” when in reality Roosh’s ego has just gotten too big. Most people who’re left are professional boot lickers who desperately scramble to take a swing off Roosh’s nuts. http://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-26574.html

    • el mechanico said

      Yeah and only gave me a 7/10 ya prick!!! I loved your meltdown though 10/10 will read again

      • schneider said

        el mechanico, you are everywhere man. probably you have also a troll account at puahate and happier abroad. by the way where is greek kamaki? –

        and yeah i liked the meltdown too.

        anyway why don´t we guys meet at happier abroad. there you can do whatever you like. you can even approach some chics there as they have a lady forum. i think xspat has also an account there.

        i am wating for a battle rap against
        roosh. who is going to do it?

  6. Renfrew said

    Sounds like a not-good situation.

    Admittedly, I’ve never been on Roosh’s forums — Roosh invited me to join last year, but I didn’t. Firstly, I couldn’t be bothered to wait for the beginning of the month window. And secondly, I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that his user base was mostly the usual “kids” who practice social relations like a video game, e.g., Donkey Kong, WIN THE PRINCESS!…”Oh you didn’t win her? Dude, you must have made the wrong move on level 3…next time run toward the barrel, then quickly go the opposite direction, then turn back and press the jump button WHILE jamming the joystick up.”

    I acknowledge that the Donkey Kong frame has merits, but it’s not to the frame I work from in life, or write from when I comment or post.

    Nevertheless, Roosh is a clever guy with a gift for self-revelation and honesty; that makes for great reading, and it’s brave of him to be like this (even if it might also be neurotic). He is often perceptive about people and cultures and himself. Certainly I have admired his fearlessness, picked up ideas from him, and vicariously enjoyed his adventures.

    But when I’ve read his stuff, I’ve also noticed some problematic ingredients, like misanthropy, anger, an occasionally alarming lack of empathy, and — particularly vis a vis RoK — a weirdly determined and ever-hardening attachment to a particular worldview about men and women. I’ve also noticed how whenever Roosh encounters new facts or has novel experiences, he’s less likely to “transcend and include” his existing beliefs than he is to simply fortify them; so despite all his flagging and learning, he ends up where he started, only more so. All together, it’s a good recipe for stagnation, frustration, and fragility — which seems like what he’s showing now to the likes of Xsplat and others. (Note: I haven’t been on his blog since his summer break; I’ve not seen the “new Roosh” he foreshadowed a few months back.)

    Of course I’d love to see him regain his footing. Any intelligent, truth-seeking person with the courage to share his journey publicly like Roosh has been doing (and doing with a great deal of energy and discipline, I hasten to add) gets plenty of compassion from me.

    • xsplat said

      Jeebus, well said. Ya, he is smart, talented, can think, can write, has much to offer and has offered much, but it’s just that he puts up mental blocks on certain topics. Some things he can NOT think about.

      Also, his control issues over what frame and opinion others are allowed to express is so extreme that I am labeling it a personality disorder. Not sure which one fits best. Does narcissistic rage apply when you won’t let your persona take any ego damage? It’s one thing to be ego protective, but another to just ban people who disagree with you from talking to OTHER people about stuff unrelated to you.

      A useful flawed character unfit to be in the position that he created for himself, who has no respect or concept of interpersonal boundaries; no concept of what community is.

      Community is not everyone that only agrees with you.

      And it would be his business to be flawed, if it were just his business. But there is a large community offering value through their own content and he’s getting in the way of men communicating that value to each other. He’s a monkey wrench in the very machine that he created.

  7. el mechanico said

    I’m not an ass kisser by any means but keep in mind the RVF is Roosh’s place. If someone comes into my place with shit I don’t like I toss them out and tell them to fuck off in one second. Maybe someone should start a banned from RVF forum.

    Xsplat stay in touch

  8. bacan said

    Xsplat, I thought you were making great points in that thread and I said so too. I don’t see why a full ban was necessary. I think even a second cool-off 3 month ban would have been fine after the original 7 day ban. Really sorry to see that you’re gone. It’s obvious you are one of the smartest guys that posted on there and I hope the forum doesn’t develop a culture of fear with regard to expressing ideas. Nothing good comes out of just having an echo chamber without having anyone to push us to defend our points and ideas from all angles. What a shame… The forum will be worse off without you.

  9. Seemed like back in 2011 Roosh’s forum was the place to be but now Roosh’s stock has fallen all over the web. For me the one thing that the forum has managed to do that no other forum has done is go in depth with the travel guides. Where to go in a country, what kind of men those girls generally fall for, and what kind of girls there are. I have yet to find any other travel forum or forum like this and that is what has made Roosh’s forum such a good place to be in. Unfortunately the forum is a pool of pessimistic thoughts and keyboard jockeys after that. You can also add in guys sharing irrelevant bullshit and talking about how bad American women are.

    I wanted to register but registration is only open on the 1st of each month. Somehow I end up forgetting every single month about it since I have a life to live but as a guy who has lurked on there and seen some of the drama for the lulz, it is pretty obvious what has happened.

    At one point the forum was open to receiving newer members but after a while Roosh found his clique, people like Athlone, Mech, Samseau, Tuth, Neil, Rio, Ali, and Speakeasy who have been around for a long time and have added a lot of posts. There is no need for new posters on the forum and now the forum has become somewhat like 1984.

    I lost all respect for the forum when I found that the members on there waste time trolling people online and they even put up some guy’s pic talking about how they are going to expose him. At that point I just gave up on the entire forum for their lack of class. Grown men who claim to travel the world and get laid do not waste their time with nonsense like that, they just don’t.

    Then strict moderation came around and I saw first hand just how sensitive Roosh’s ego is.

    I am friends with a member on there with over 1,000 posts that has told me it has gotten so bad. You get banned for talking about looks, anything Indian related, and all sorts of minor bullshit.

  10. Nietzsche said

    Roosh is a bitch and a faggot and returnofkings is a joke. I told him so, so he blocked me on twitter like a cunt.

  11. Beyond said


    On the subject of another forum…

    I used to post quite regularly on /r/theredpill as well, but left as it was too big a time sink. I spent more time discussing/reading and less actually contributing towards my own life. That said, I was not a very noticeable member – just a regular guy, a bit under 1k karma, for my 4-5 month stay.

    I go back every now and then, make a post or two and delete my account. I prefer to not stay too long. Anyway, I went in last night, and I discovered a new sub called /r/evenredder. It seems to be set private now, but the gist of it is that zionController (you covered a pretty cool post of his here, I believe) was considered “too extreme” and he was removed off the mod list, and PUA Punany (not sure on spelling…) was banned. So, they set up /r/evenredder.

    There are a lot of people who seemed annoyed at how “blue pill” the forum has become, and many who are not happy with the moderation policy. I can’t quite comment here. I have minimal experience with women myself (partly because of me, partly because of my location – soon to change), although I consider myself as having swallowed the pill. I also have no opinion on “male and female” (or rather, “masculine and feminine”) relationships, other than the blue pill way is definitely wrong.

    Anyway, some people have responded and created another forum. It’s called EvenRedder. I’m not sure it’s the right answer, but it’s an alternative. I think the over the top moderation comes from people who are too attached to their “baby”. At least, that’s one possible reason.

    On that note, someone called Aaron Sleazy wrote a few blog posts where he dealt with Roosh’s insecurities. I value some of Roosh’s contributions, but he does seem a tad susceptible. Anyway, Aaron’s post is worth checking out.

    Another thing I dislike with the manosphere in general is that if you look at things a little closer, you see a guy who seems a bit more concerned about using your 0.99-25 bucks to help him on his way to financial independence or that he’s pushing an agenda of his own too hard. I don’t mind the marketing aspect – we’re all trying to move forward -, but what I don’t appreciate is the “you absolutely need to read my friend’s new book!” approach. Do I really need to read a 5th book about daygame? Also, what you said about Heartiste and Roosh.

    But I’d say that this is more on the reader. I was guilty of this for a while myself. It is failing to recognise that the writers, irrespective of how successful, knowledgeable, wise, or satisfied they are, are still human. It is putting the blogger on a Pedestal.

    So, for anyone who reads (and appreciates the hard work of) the bloggers in the ‘sphere or anywhere else, I suggest that you not get too hung up or attached. Remember: just a man. Read what you want, take what you want from it, and put it to good use.

  12. Jake said

    Roosh is a boss and is pimp handing all the haters. Bitching about getting banned off his forum is typical. Know your place and stay away from there. He smacks around people like that in real life too. You’ve been warned.

    • xsplat said

      You’re a funny little Hitler Youth trainee. I’ve been known to believe my own bullshit, and blow smoke rings out of my ass from time to time, but you take it to a new level of art.

      I’ve been warned! Oooh, internet tough guy.

  13. Handsome Creepy Eel said

    I was sad to see you were banned. You’ve definitely posted great thoughts in that thread and I don’t regret one yota giving you that rep point. That said, notice that I did use the phrase “a bit aggressive”, and that was an understatement. What you wrote in the thread was true, but it really did have a gloating tone. I personally wouldn’t give you a suspension for that. However, chasing the mod with messages arguing the suspension like that, particularly implying over and over that he wasn’t interested in free speech, well… even I’d support a ban for that. That’s just not how you’re supposed to do things on a(ny) forum. You could have just said “I don’t think that’s fair because of A) B) C), but ok” and dropped it.

    All in all, it’s a pity that we won’t be seeing you again. I wish more restraint was shown on all sides.

    • xsplat said

      If I can’t ask him on a private message to clarify his moderation policy, where can I ask him?

      If I can’t ask him on a private message for permission to make a post about the moderation policy, where can I ask him.

      I’d rather be autistic than understand such politeness. Such politeness strikes me as quite insane.

      I had questions, and asked for answers. I wasn’t badgering him. They were real, legitimate, honest questions.

      And it’s true that it would not be possible for me to participate in that forum under such a nebulous moderation policy.

      And besides, check out his latest ban. He perma-banned a long time poster for spelling “your” as “ur”, plus posting a joke post about plentyoffish.com of a guy holding many fish. http://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-27244.html

      Uh huh.

      Oh, and he’s been asked many times why he banned me, and no response. Not worth his time to reply to the remaining content generators. That’s the level of respect he has for those he bans, and those he doesn’t. Little to none.

      I stick by it – the guy is gone past being a bit strange – past being a bit weird, and is now diagnosably off his rocker. The forum will either collapse or turn into a circle jerk and mild mannered yes-men who dare not speak any view that might come close to coming close to being close to being controversial.

      Shame, as there are some bright people on it. As you can see from my post, many of those people are now, today, as I write this, self censoring.

      Fuck that.

      And while I’m handing out fucks, fuck pussy footing tip toe politeness too. Guy can’t even handle honest questions in a private message? Can’t be bothered to reply with anything more taxing on his mental energy than a ban?

      Here’s another fuck. Fuck Roosh. Personally. A big personal fuck you to Roosh. I had no personal fucks against him, but now I have one. A personal fuck. I don’t like him as a human being anymore. Man can’t even handle a private message without kicking someone out of a community. That’s personal, so once again, a personal fuck you to Roosh.

      I don’t like the man, and think very little of him, as a man. And as a community leader I think he’s a joke heading for personal and group disaster. Most of this new opinion has to do with his moderation policy, but it also has to do with his hardening attitudes to relationships. It’s getting past distasteful and veering into sick.

      Bust a nut” Who the hell busts a nut?! Roosh does. That’s his level of inter-personal sexual skills. Then he bans people who ask him to clarify his moderation policy. That’s his level of interpersonal man to man social skills. Not just me – I know stories of bans that I’ve been asked not to mention that are over the top, and some that were permanent for just being slightly off his brand of politically accepted ideas, for comments made OFF of his forum.

      It is a sick waste and shame. Yup. Sick. Diseased.

      A community can not survive under such a moderator. Not a healthy community.

  14. Jake said

    He can’t handle confrontation of any kind. Roosh ran away from a banned forum member in Europe. Fled into the crowd. The inability to answer emails about being banned drives the story home.

  15. Ben - AUS said

    He’s a leftist. Plain and simple.

  16. I too have been banned at Roosh. I had used his forum for self-development and dropped some major data-sheets.

    Mine was the taboo topic of race and dating. I am not the Indian Race Troll nor ever wanted to troll.

    I did however take offense to what I saw how these guys were treated. Game to me needed to account for the definition of race. I wanted an intellectual discussion on it but that the forum wasn’t the place.

    I simply commented on what I saw as racial game arbitrage as a double edged sword in some countries. An honest observation. My intentions were good, to actually help out.. but I was banned.

    My banning had led me to create the site.


  17. Cobra said

    If someone says tone it down, TONE it the FUCK DOWN. There’s probably another way to express yourself and get the same message out there.

    • xsplat said


      And no, there isn’t.

      Tone is not only part of the message, it’s part of the flow of what inspires creating the message in the first place. You can’t remove the tone and still have the message. As I already carefully explained.

      And if someone says tone it down then tone it down? Uhh, WTF? That’s a really weird attitude.

      Where did you learn to behave like such a good boy? Sounds like terrible training that you’ll want to unlearn.

      But you won’t be able to unlearn it on the RVF. The RVF is a place for men to learn how to be attractive to women while being constrained against acting like the type of men who would be attractive to women.

      And you have been misled or are not paying attention if you believe that the only issue was about tone. Look closer, and you’ll see people far more abrasive on that site. It’s about power and control and agreement and in-group clique versus all others who have to walk on eggshells and suck up to the in-group clique.

      A man can not express himself as other than a beta suck up on that forum, which seems to agree perfectly well with your suck up tone it down when told attitude.

  18. […] xsplat on The private messages to Roosh… […]

  19. Jose said

    Last year Roosh started running off all the membership that was real, and successful.Now it is populated with fakes that drive traffic to his blog, and strokes his ego. Gmanifesto, Mcqueen, Swooptheworld, are all internet bullshitters. Roosh knows this and it give him the power to call them out, so they stay in line. Very sad. He is a male version of Lindy West. Full of hate, jealousy, and lies. His site isn’t a place for men to better themselves, but rather stay down and start self-loathing. Misery loves company.

  20. Bill said

    Today I got banned to. They go around the internet searching for your life if there is something with hoe´s you get banned. It´s like the catholic church. Roosh guy bores people with vids where he can´t get laid like in Turkey. Stupid.

  21. Ash said

    In all honesty, RVF, even to this day is full of straight assholes, you will ATTACK you – in groups, and the moment you throw shots back, you get permabanned. To hell with that forum and all the assholes on it.

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