I’ve never really groked the MGTOW stance that working to raise SMV and be good at seduction is working to be a dancing monkey in the service of pussy. I figure the guys who espouse that meme either have very low libido and so can not understand how men are motivated by a desire to fuck, or dislike their inner desires; they wish they didn’t wish to fuck.

I want sex therefore I do what is required to get sex. Does that mean that I am dancing monkey for pussy? That I am a dancing monkey for my own desires? Or does it mean that *I* know what *I* want, and I go after it, directly, with no excuses. Without neurotic complaint or double think – just directly go after what I actually want, pragmatically. And enjoy doing it, and feel better for the process and the result.

How many bifurcations and segments do you want to divide your “self” into? Me vs “my” body. Me vs id, superego and ego. Me vs my sex drive. Why not just have me? A holistic integral self? Why the need for all these divisions? Own it. Yes, you want to get fucked, and yes, there are risks and costs and rewards for doing so – it’s an imperfect world and some part of your “self” will have to be compromised so that another part gets it’s flavor of satisfaction.

Try to figure that out – comment here if it will help you. You ARE your desires. You are not at war with them. All of you is you. ALL of it – all the contradictory mess – it’s all you. Desire is as good as it gets, just like satiation is as good as it gets, just like fun is as good as it gets. Being human isn’t a struggle against being human. It’s a balancing act of competing internal and external interests, and desire is a good interest, and is good and valuable in and of itself – it is to be celebrated as much as a great guitar lick or a sunset or a warm embrace or an early morning stroll in the park. Desire and everything involved in fulfilling desire is good – as good as it gets. It’s you. It’s not you vs desire.

You can stroke your ego and that’s GOOD. You can transcend your ego and that’s another type of good. You can get laid and that’s good. You can go skiing or live as a beach bum and that’s good. But it’s not good to be puritanical about sex and deny it as something that makes us slaves to our desires. It has cost/benefits, like anything else. If you set it up well, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs, and BOTH your desire and the satisfying of the desires are good. Desire is not bad. It’s not you vs your desire. Own it – you ARE your desire. That’s you.

Update: Enjoying life as best as possible is the highest possible philosophical and ethical position. The buck has to stop somewhere – it must stop at the individual in his lifetime – otherwise he is just teaching everyone around him by example to NOT enjoy life, which is unethical and a boring drag and a waste of precious human birth.

Not causing suffering to others is considered ethical, but that doesn’t go as far as it can. Alleviating suffering in others is considered even more ethical. But that’s not going far enough. Promoting pleasure in oneself and others is yet more ethical.

Or if enjoyment is not your fundamental principle of life, what is? Raising GDP?

Yes, we have to see the bigger picture and use all our faculties to maximize pleasure for the long term. But we don’t postpone eating the cookie for the sake of not eating cookies – we postpone eating it so that we can later eat more cookies.

Life is about eating cookies, not postponement. It’s about maximizing our position to sustainably enjoy as much pleasure as possible.