Architekt Wrote: Someone with a bit of 3D design skill could literally just sit around all day designing things until they struck it big, or make enough 3-D printer items with a small return that it adds up. Passive income anyone?

Anon-A-Moose Wrote: This is what I want to do someday.

I’m learning that follow through on entrepreneurial desires is in an entirely different category than entrepreneurial desires.

This may sound strange and unbelievable – because even though I’m saying it is strange and unbelievable to me – but people don’t actually want what they want. At least if you judge by their actions.

Many times in many ways I’ve offered people the opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial visions. I’ve offered angel investment to anyone who can come up with a good idea and a business plan. No takers. For those needing more direction, I have a seemingly endless number of likely lucrative projects that I have the means and desire to fund, and have been making efforts to recruit people. The deal is that all living and business expenses would be paid until the business was successful, after which there would be profit sharing, with the long term potential of partnership. No matter what a persons particular talent and motivation, if they are quality useful guys, I can put them to work. This offer garnered a lot of interest, enthusiasm, and support, but in the end cold feet or other issues have prevented people from taking that first big first step.

When it comes down to it, most people prefer to work for an established company rather than create their own. Even if all barriers to entry were reduced to the minimal possible; even if all of their living and business expenses would be paid for, they were given a great work and play and social environment, and they had good projects to work on that they believed and were interested in, and had mentorship and guidance from an entrepreneur with a proven track record and solid resources.

So at this point I interpret “This is what I want to do someday.” as meaning “That sounds cool, but in reality I’ll always be too busy with my real life to get around to it.”

People do not want to be entrepreneurs. And as we all know deep down, when a blanket statement is made, it always means “in general” unless specifically otherwise stated. MOST people will not take the concrete steps required to become entrepreneurs, even when they say that is what they want to do. When it comes down to it, they’ll opt for what they know.

Entrepreneurs are a very rare breed.

Maybe it has to do with dopamine receptors and the need for novelty and risk?