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“I just want a man who loves me for who I am”

Posted by xsplat on July 5, 2013

The fat acceptance movement insists that men gather in secret cabals to agree on beauty standards, which are then imposed upon innocent women. The notion that beauty standards are innate literally hurts them, so they CAN’T think that.


4 Responses to ““I just want a man who loves me for who I am””

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  2. RICanuck said


    The first picture, the barbie doll on the right sends me more than the one on the left. She has better legs for standing in front of the stove while pregnant. Too bad she’s a blonde.

    I married a third worlder with strong legs and wide hips. I do not regret the 7 kids.

  3. I like the one on the bottom.

  4. “My Body, My Self”.

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