Kingsley Davis wrote: Up the road in an affluent suburb this billboard is irking overhill soccer moms. Why me thinks that if the chick was a fatso no one would be upset in fear of been deemed non pc. The West had a good run.

“Equinox gym is being accused of sexism, thanks to the giant photo of a woman wearing a skintight minidress erected in a high-traffic area of Bethesda, Maryland. It’s the latest backlash against the company’s racy branding efforts.”


While in SEA the models on billboards are not only slim, but are also young. Often times teenagers. Sometimes young teenagers.

I had a dream last night where I was on a bus. Suddenly I was accused of taking the women’s bus. Looking around I noticed that indeed, they were all women. Then some of the unfriendlies started a chant against me, demanding that I get off. I made some comments about how there was no comparable men’s bus, and how women were no picnic to be around either. The comments only spurred on more chanting.

Women love to hive mind when they see any advantage, and love to demonize the opposing force; men. This must surely be a biological instinct, selected by evolution.

And they’re jealous creatures.

Put the two together and you get them hiving against their own competition and any man who dares to appreciate the competition. All the while claiming to be pro woman, of course.

Which is why when feminists talk about prostitution they can’t decide if they are pro female choice or against it, and so often times just pretend that the women don’t actually have agency; women’s choices are actually men’s fault. Difficult to be pro women as a group while being against specific competition, without being obvious about the agenda of jealously guarding ones personal power to mate guard.

But nooooooooo. Women don’t have obvious agendas or strategies. They are unknowable, unique, special snowflakes.