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Women can stare right at it, but CAN NOT see it.

Posted by xsplat on June 15, 2013


Ashley said: That just describes a woman with not much going on for her own life. She probably has low self esteem and because she has no money, no friends, no resources, she is only hanging on to the man because she feels she has to in order to survive or feel like she has someone. This does not mean she loves him. It means she’s using him.

Ya, that’s all very sweet. Like a Disney movie.

Oh, wait, in the Disney movie Cinderella is a poor servant and her loved one is the man with the highest value in the land. And she’s smoking hot, hyper-feminine, young and virginal.

She didn’t elope with the blacksmith’s son, now, did she? As for the young Prince it wasn’t Cinderella’s career that was giving him wood all throughout the ball.

So if your version of reality is not from Disney, and it’s clearly not from real life, where are you getting your universe from?

Humans have emotions that were evolved to perform functions that are beneficial for adaptation and survival. We love and have positive feelings for reasons. When we are around beneficial things we feel and associate with them positive emotions.

If someone is making you feel warm and comfortable, you are being benefited, and conversely if someone is benefiting you, chances are you’ll feel warm and comfortable. If someone gives you money and resources you are being benefited, and will feel good, and the emotions will lead you to seek to replicate the good feelings in the future; we like to feel good. Emotions are evolved to lead us back to benefit.

So it’s not that women love money and use men for it, it’s that women love men who have money more than men who don’t have money. Studies can be crafted and carried out to verify this premise. They have been.

My world view is created out of decades of detailed personal experience, long consultations with peers of varied backgrounds, and fitting all scientific studies I’ve read together into a cohesive big picture that fits perfectly with my views.

Yours feel good in your gut, like snuggling a pink stuffed bunny when you were a little girl.

Q: What do you say to a girl who says “Oh, those poor SE Asian girls are just gold diggers interested in money.”

A: “As opposed to?”

Guaranteed silence, as it sinks in that western girls are the same way, and if she uses the not-all-girls-are-like-that card at this point she’ll come off as a racist. A jealous racist.

And for for the deliberately obtuse I’ll again repeat – men are valued on a host of traits by women. No single trait is always the main impetus for attraction for every woman. That’s not the fucking point, you daft twats. The point is that emotions are not some mystery you claim sole knowledge to. Your emotions are simple.

Just because women can’t consciously hold multiple variables in their heads at the same time does not mean that men can’t see the gestalt and particulars of your subconscious mathematical calculations of interest. You are only fooling yourselves. You are not unique and mysterious.

13 Responses to “Women can stare right at it, but CAN NOT see it.”

  1. Ashley said

    “You are not unique and mysterious.”

    Why does it matter to you so much? If someone wants to think of themselves are unique or mysterious, why do you keep trying to convince them otherwise? You’re no one special either, to tell people about themselves as if you know more about them than they do. If this weren’t your blog, I’d say a lot more…but I’m trying to have a little respect for your space.

    • xsplat said

      translation: “I didn’t come to this blog to have my precious illusions stripped from me. How dare you tell me the truth! That hurts, you know! You are hurting me and you should stop it. Don’t you know that hurting me is wrong?”

  2. “You are not unique and mysterious.”

    Very nice. I enjoy telling women (who often have an inflated opinion of themselves) that they are not special nor are they complicated. They usually don’t know how to react. I always say it with a smile.

  3. UCB said

    Strange how people have such a strong negative reaction to hearing or learning that they are not all that special. Once you learn that you aren’t special, happiness/success becomes a simple matter of aligning your interests, habits, and goals along with those who already lead the kind of life you’d like to have.

    • You’re right, you know. Who actually wants to be complicated?

      However, no one wants to share shitty traits with most people on the planet.

      • Ruxman said

        complicated, enigmatic, complex, dark, mysterious. Character traits are like carpet swatches these days, we pick through, read and admire which one would suit us. life.

  4. Rotten said

    Well western women really probably aren’t as interested in money. Not whn a working mother with a part time McJob can out earn the national median income by a considerable amount. http://elusivewapiti.blogspot.com/2013/06/cash-and-prizes-single-mother-grossing.html

    • Ruxman said

      Straight up, many of us aren’t. Look at how much we spend when we got it. Westerners want the feeling of having money, the feeling of buying porsche, the money and the car are secondary.

  5. Dave said

    Ashley . Your set of questions is irritating and misses the point, no ones remotely threatened by you if you were indeed special. Stop relaying your lousy ass psychological questions passsive aggressively ugh. So distracting.

    The reason they tell you you aren’t special is the same reason why an attention seeking snot nosed patient would come into a doctors office and bragwhine about having a special illness never seen before.
    And the solution is always truth, it’s still the flu and u trying to over complicate something simple for the sake if your infinite va it’s is becoming cumbersome and not only to me. Ground yourself and just BE.

    But xsplat IS special. Off the top of my head tell me a guy who went from meditating at a monastery for years to becoming one of the most ambitious motherfukkers in the pursuit of maximizing dopamine while wielding a true patriarchal hand over devoted SE sex slaves? You can’t…

    Now give me your life story (u dont have to that’s rhetorical) and you are literally a dime a dozen. That’s okay! It ain’t da end if the world! There are dozens if ways to boost your value in a manner that doesn’t come off as VAin pretentious or downright in attractive (tats and wild hair)

  6. You’ve said it so eloquently I have nothing to add. Another great post.

  7. M said

    The conclusions from the study you refer to were withdrawn.


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