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First time day gaming

Posted by xsplat on June 15, 2013

Went out with the two crew today for some day gaming. First time for me, which makes it a remarkable experience, so now here are the remarks.

I’d never approach girls on my own, and never open a set, or a mixed set. But my buddies have gone out a few times already, also starting from scratch, and have worked their way up already from asking for directions and then walking away all the way up to stopping full groups and getting long conversations going.

Each guy has his own style. Cody is tall,young, handsome, and outgoing. He’ll be talking to a girl while surreptitiously working the room. Come back in fifteen minutes an he’ll have an entourage of girls attending to his words and presence. Dan is middle aged and middle height and middle looking, and keeps his presence more personal. But if he walks into a girls field he’ll suck her right in and then they are both in their own shared bubble. He opened two teenagers today and after 15 minutes walked away with an interested number.

It was explained to me that it’s most encouraging to think in terms of baby steps, instead accomplishing a grand goal. I blew off a little nervous steam explaining that this whole thing was completely new to me and a little un-nerving. I’m comfortable and even in command when introductions have been made and there is a social excuse for being together – like on a date or what have you – but just walking up and making a go of it from scratch is, well… foot tap foot tap.

As Dan was nodding along appreciatively to my nervous venting a pretty girl with just the right face and bubble butt combination walked past and I was asking her for directions to the ATM. Stumbled forward through a few other questions, and tried to feel her out for how to ease into her world, to playfully engage her, and stumbled and bumbled my way through a few awkward moments, all the while delighting in just looking at her pretty petite elfin girly face. Then politely let her go.


Ya, that was fun.

As the night went on the guys were killing it. Codey was a machine – he stopped a large mixed group and got the two hotties entranced with him and got a number. I was able to get the number of his spillover – the girl I preferred for her height. Both are 18 year old psych students, living in our area. Dan bumped into one of his regulars, and after graciously letting me have a go at flirting with her, pushed me off in the direction of Codey’s group, so he could abscond with the girl.

Later in the night other girls were opened – mostly by Codey. A number for me, and a stupidly missed opening for a number, the regret which I shall tuck away for further use to spur me on to never let that happen again. At least get the number – even if you throw it away! That moment won’t come back. Ok. Lesson learned.

But the big lesson was that that was fun!

I’m pushing fifty, hanging out with my buddies and chatting up teenagers and early twenties girls, and we’re having fun and getting numbers and (for them already) dating and sex comes out of it.

So that’s a beginners eye view of his first day out day gaming.

Without my buddies I’d have wussed out and just said hi in passing to a few girls on the street and smiled at a sales girl. The guys are breaking it down into managable and learnable pieces, acting on them, and making great progress.

Codey and I concluded that even with a full harem, day game can be a component of a chosen ideal lifestyle, not just to stay sharp, not just to keep girls in the pipeline, but because it’s fun.

3 Responses to “First time day gaming”

  1. Glenn P said

    I’m a huge fan of Daygame… It’s nice to read about someone who is 50 yrs old going out to do some gaming on young chicks. I recently coached a guy who’s in his early 60’s. He’s got great style, an amazing personality and very successfully retired from being an airline pilot. We did tons of daygame and some nightgame… We worked for 5 days straight and this guy was killing it. I was truly amazed at how many chicks in their young 20’s were wanting to fuck this guy. And the best part about it was like you, he was having fun!

    Not sure if your age is an issue for you but trust me when I tell you that I’ve coached prolly around 30-40 guys who were in their 50’s and have seen many of them get laid like rock-stars with both young and old women! A mans age, especially if he’s established in the arts will work wonders on the vaginas of most women he turns his attention to.

    I hope you go out some more… And keep having fun!

  2. Anonymous said

    Great news Xsplat. I am shocked that you managed to build your harems previously without day game. But as you know, there’s lots of ways for an advanced game practitioner to establish a harem. You don’t necessarily need day or night game in the sense that young PUA coaches assume are the only options. You can ask or pay friends to introduce you, you can meet online, you can hire a 19 year old housekeeper, for instance.

    I too went out to do day game for the first time in a long time today, except for me, a long time is 4 days.😉

    Today was unusually productive. I am your age so I was assuming that I’d be dealt with curtly when I did the Starbucks Open on two 18 year olds (asking for directions). They said they were from out of town and taking tourist photos for an hour before the bus took them to a resort area. I made that sound so interesting which led them to ask where I was from. We talked for 10 minutes and then they said we should continue the conversation at a cafe 100 yards away (venue change, yeah).

    My target was actually intellectual which is very, very rare, especially in a hard nine who just turned 18. She number and Facebook closed.

    Another 18 year old conversed with me while waiting for her bus but rudely said goodbye when the bus arrived. It’s best to number close early at bus stops. They are bad places to try to meet girls for this reason.

    The day finished at a fountain where an astonishingly gorgeous 21 year old, also from out of town, was getting relatives to take her photograph. As we were saying goodbye, her aunt said “give him your number” which was cool because the aunt and uncle probably didn’t know I was older than they are. She gladly number closed.

    Here’s why I’m here though. Over at the Heartiste blog, YaReally just called you “a drunk living with third world hookers”.

    I believe this is Tyler from RSD, trolling for customers day in and day out over there. Otherwise it’s a less successful affiliate of Tyler looking for commission money from any new seminar signups who come from a few manosphere blogs where he trolls. He still has a huge baseball bat up his butt about men dating any women outside the feminist world. He calls them all hookers and clearly didn’t learn anything from his arguments with you.

    Heartiste is as wimpy and confused as he always was in not giving his opinion which would shut YaReally down on that point for once and for all.

    I know Heartiste never defended you when you were attacked either from the right (which is no longer a problem on that blog) or from the left (dating coach types).

    It would have been appropriate for CH to just uphold an intellectual standard where the right and left couldn’t try to win by calling reasonable people in the middle names.

    YaReally just said he admires Hugh Hefner and dared to say that Hefner “got free sex all his life so should get a pass for only paying for it now that he is in his 80s”.

    That’s patently untrue. Hefner has always paid for sex. Any employer sex with an employee is paid sex. But YaReally wants to ignore that and just say that, because I’m having sex with three 19 year old housekeepers, who I met with day game and hired to clean my home, that means I have sex with “hookers”.

    He calls women trophies which quasi puts them on a pedestal. CH is more right to call them receptacles or friends. Some of these type A coach types really aren’t in the game for the pleasure of sex. They really are in it to prove themselves as conquerors of trophies. I sound like a feminist writing that, but these guys really aren’t in it for sex or friendship as an end to itself.

    I think his slander of you was on the recent Beta Male Move of the Day thread or The Myth of Effortful Game thread.

    • xsplat said

      Yareally can’t think straight, and has serious personality problems. I gave up trying to talk to him ages ago, and don’t read his comments anywhere.

      I have no idea who Heartiste is anymore.

      Good to hear of your recent adventures. The point is happiness and truth, not how you get there; there is no such thing as cheating.

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