monopoly-vhigh-value-310x168Hugh Hefner is getting aggravated. His new fling is wanging his ear off about him not answering the phone when he’s out and asking him questions about if he thinks about fucking other girls. It doesn’t take long until he interupts the woman:

“Stop wanging me woman! All that matters is how I make you feel when I’m with you. All that matters is how you make me feel when I’m with you. What I’m doing when I’m out is none of your business, and it bothers me when you even ask about it. If you want to nag me and make me feel down then I don’t want you around. The only good you are to me is how you make me feel. That’s it. If you want to try to change me by making me feel bad until I act the way you want, then forget it. I’m not going to change and that’s never going to work. So make up your mind – accept how I am and shut up and stop nagging me, or leave.”

The man who had been living with his girlfriend monogamously for the last three years said the same thing.

What had happened in that mans life in the last 6 months to lead to him delivering the same monologue?

The relationship negotiation rules change as relative value changes. If the man is offering huge values in many areas of the womans life, he can demand more from her, and get away with causing her some emotional jealousy stress.

Taken from a previous post about ways to raise value and get a woman to love you more:

People have positive emotions to you in relation to the value that you add to their life. So with a girl her emotions will be swayed in a positive direction the more you add value in any domain, such as;
1) Financial – if she is financially dependent on you that hand over her quality of life will translate into her loving you more
2) Social – if you and your social circle are a main part of her social life that hand over her quality of life will translate into her loving you more.
3) Sexual – if you fuck her the way no man ever has and likely no man ever will ever again, bringing her to emotional and sexual depths and heights beyond compare regularly, then that hand over her quality of life will translate into her loving you more
4) Your status – if your status is well above all her other suitors, because you exhibit many status markers, such as wealth, fitness, social circle leadership, business leadership, community connections, and so on, then you will have hand over her future quality of life, because if she lost you she would lose her close connection and even self-identity with your status position.
5) Romantic – if you manipulate the moods in your shared space, injecting some dramas but keeping the general tone warm, positive and sexual, then she will associate all positive emotions with you. This will give you hand over her, as she will fear losing you, the focus of her good life.

The same ways you make her love you more by adding value also give you relationship hand. So you can demand more out of her, such as:

And I have my requirements and expectations.

She must:
1) fuck me regularly
2) dress well
3) keep a well tended clean and tidy house
4) tend to the kitchen and lovingly prepare me food on demand

And you can also set the relationship rules that she can take or leave with the balance much higher in your favor. Because overall her leaving you would be more of a quality of life loss than her making steep relationship concessions.