Pot gets me out of my head and into music, chi-kung, sex, and relaxing my attention into the moment.

But it lowers my motivation in other areas and my ability to focus on intellectual tasks.

The theobromine in cocoa powder gets me speedy and excited and gregarious and creative. I’ll come up with worlds of ideas and get off on expressing them.

I’ve been finding that life satisfaction goes up when I’m challenged in many areas at the same time. Not just one part of the brain – but many different and disparate circuits – such as sexual challenges (keeping more than one young woman at a time sexually satisfied and exhausted), business challenges, manly buddy socializing, musical learning, fitness challenges, chi-kung engagements, blog writing, and on and on. This full self engagement raises my interest in being alive, and raises my overall satisfaction, such that my baseline happiness is raised. The happiness can be so intense as to be bitter sweet – a happiness in my heart that almost hurts.

And yet there are still issues with managing motivation and addiction. Because motivation occurs in discreet areas. I can be motivated to smoke pot and get into fucking for days and weeks on end, thus neglecting business. And the desire for that can be an addiction that sucks from other areas that need attention and development.

So there is a need to develop technologies to manage motivation and addiction. Apparently motivation and satisfaction generally increases along with broad life engagement. And I’d think addictions are easier to manage also when satisfactions are received broadly. Fine tuning and will power will require mental technologies.