scorpion wrote RE: Do you trust women?
Once you understand how women think you’d have to be an absolute idiot to ever trust them. As the physically weaker sex, women evolved to rely on deception and manipulation as their weapons. It’s simply what they do. You can always count on a woman to lie to you under certain circumstances the same way you can count on a man to punch you in the face under certain circumstances.

A woman’s entire view of the world is seen through the lens of her emotions. This means that her perception of reality will shift based on her emotional swings. To be fair, this happens to men as well, but to a much smaller degree. With women, however, the shifts are extremely pronounced.

The result is that women have no firm grounding in reality. Everything in a woman’s life is built on a foundation of the shifting sands of her emotions. She can love you one minute and hate you the next. Women have no innate understanding of honor or justice, because to a woman these concepts do not exist independently of herself. In the female mind, “justice” is whatever is just to her. “Honor” is whatever makes her feel good about herself. Solipsism is inherent to their worldview.

This means that women have absolutely no moral qualms about lying, because to them lying is perfectly justified. Lying is a means of serving their feelings and emotions, which always take precedence. They honestly do not even view lying as being wrong, because they create justifications for it that excuse them. For example, a woman can rationalize cheating and lying to her boyfriend by telling herself that “he’s not meeting my emotional needs”. With this rationalization, she is able to self-justify and excuse the lying and cheating. In her mind, she has a RIGHT to lie and cheat if doing so makes her feel good.

You will also find that a woman is incapable of any sort of self-reflection or self-blame. Instead, women will invariably find some external cause (usually a man) to blame when anything goes wrong for them. By placing blame externally, the woman is also able to rationalize all sorts of anti-social behavior in order to help extricate her from the situation. So when a woman lies and cheats on her boyfriend, she literally does not see herself as doing anything wrong. She sees her boyfriend as the one who is wrong, and herself as the innocent victim.

Never treat anything with a woman as set in stone. Given their emotional instability, capacity for self-delusion and innate proclivity for dissimulation, truth and honor have no meaning to them.

iknowexactly wrote RE: White Chicks Surveyed About Guys Going to BKK!!
Your question illustrates the lack of logical processes in women.

In most women, what passes for logic or morality is applied after the emotion is felt. Emotion is the primary mediator in dealing with the world. So if a guy makes her feel good, he is good. “People just don’t understand him.” They can’t or won’t honestly debate the issue because they can’t, there’s no integrity in their logic.
They simply change the subject, or end the argument by declaring what they feel, as if that’s a valid conclusion.

Evidence: Women thinking about how the Boston Bomber must be innocent because he is cute.
Evidence: How women almost never apologize, because since they felt that way at the time they bit your head off, they were justified.

Unlike a worldly guy who fucks a 20 year old whore and knows the woman is probably sociopathic as hell and totally untrustworthy, even though it felt great to ream her ass.