Great comment from Man For All Seasons:

Several of the comments mentioned low serotonin or dopamine levels, and this is what I thought too. There are already too many comments on that thread, so I figured I’d comment here. I had a period in my early 20′s where I was conscious of almost never feeling emotions. Several in the other thread suggested tripping on shrooms. Ironically, this is what broke my out of this phase. I was laying around one time a day or so after tripping, feeling a little down, and I suddenly realized with shock I was having an emotion. Unfortunately, I was pretty depressed for the next three years. I don’t recommend this as a solution to depression, but in the right situation, tripping is really great.

That’s been 25 years ago, and I’ve had normal emotions since then. In the past 9 months I’ve had a very difficult time motivating myself to do anything productive. I came to recognize this as a sign of depression, but I didn’t feel down, I just had severe procrastination from doing anything productive.

I finally learned this is an issue of low dopamine. The shrinks would be glad to give me some Prozac or Wellbutrin, but that stuff is terrible. I focused on diet and exercise, and natural dopamine stimulants, like the amino acid Theanine. I also worked to raise my testosterone and lower my estrogen levels, and I have been able to become productive again.

I think that managing brain chemicals and hormonal levels by natural means is one of the greatest secrets to wellbeing. Nowadays the manosphere is recognizing the importance of testosterone, but there is a whole package of chemicals to manage, and they affect every aspect of life more than we imagine.