ggar said:
Assume you don’t need to work hard to get your income. How would you justify then to your girl that she has to do the house chores? Also, how do you react when she asks that you hire help?

Sometimes I won’t work much for a few weeks. But the income that still comes in is the product of decades of business knowledge and asset growth. The girl is only 24. No amount of work she could do could equal the background effort I’ve put in to achieve our lifestyle. A lifestyle she would never achieve in a lifetime of her labor.

She has an unlimited budget for hiring labor, but she must manage them. She has several regular helpers, from maintenance to laundry to housecleaning and cooking to bill paying and gopher work.

At the same time she seems to derive some pleasure in performing her tasks, and also in managing the household helpers. She takes on these activities as loving devotionals.

The job description of a rich man’s slave/lover is in the favor of the woman, in the immediate term. If the man leaves her with a long term income, it is also in the womans favor in the long term.