I walked into my studio floor, while my girl was squatting in front of the coffee table, doing tasks with her fingers. Sitting on the black leather easy chair behind her, I straddled her back with my knees and started in on a full naked back rub. Her musculature, skeletal and cartilage frame was a full instrument to be played. I spoke a thrilling body language to her, and my hands and her body danced a harmonious tune.

She asked for more, and I demanded that in that case she must lay naked on the bed. The full body massage was nothing like any she had ever experienced or conceived of. She was a loaf of bread, she was harp, she was my instrument of sex. After years of body work, chi-kung, meditation, and sex training and practice I could speak to her body a language she had no idea she was fluent in. Bringing about body emotions of comfort, thrill, delight, deep relaxation, feeling appreciated and loved, sexual hunger, and more.

more coming in 10 minutes…

… Back from boxing and more smoking.

I started with broad undulating strokes down the full sides of the back, through to her upper buttox, then worked back up and a brisk pace, then dug into the shoulders and neck, up to the base of the skull, then in tight swoops of the thumbs down to shoulders, then kneading squeazes of the shoulders and upper arms, undulating back up in sensitive but deep grabs to the shoulders and then seamlessly working into thumb pressure pincing sqeezes to thumbs dancing on the back to again broad deep fulll fingered swoops arching down her ribs to her lower back, then compressing regions to the upper ass, then below and rough full grabs into her ass, then quickly swooping down her left leg and kneeding, kneeding, all the way down to her ankles, which get gripped in a strong pressure, released and gripped and released into kneeding up the other side of her leg, up to her inner thigh, which is roughly handled up to the crotch and a bit inside, quickly departed and a rougher kneeding down the other side of the leg. Then back up from that leg to the ass, which now gets a full, rough and well introduced-good-to-know-you-full-intimacy kneeding, then deeply into the lower back, until pleasure and pain mingle in a thrilling release. Now she is getting entranced and her eyes are pointing up in her head. She’s starting to purr.

More in 10 minutes…