XXL Wrote: RE: How Does Heartiste Game Factor Into Pickup?

As for your question, to me it’s possible to look at it in two ways…

1. non neediness – not needing girls reactions to game them. in practice it means that flirting/leading/escalating itself makes you happy. whatever happens you maintain your good mood. when a girl hits you with some mega bomb shittest you’re not affected cause it just adds more to the vibe. it’s like her reaction is a ball [of emotion] coming at you that you can return to her ie you laugh it off or mock her or change the topic or exaggerate to amp it even more etc. it’s high status as fuck when you’re that centered. and a girl feels stripped off her whole girl power since you’re like a host of your own party just welcoming sharing spreading. that’s how game looks like when [for whatever reason] you’re already happy on your own and you just celebrate. you don’t need nothing from nobody just having a good time and that’s when you’re so attractive then.

2. indifference – think of it like the approach is like nobody is approaching nobody. two strangers meet. your nobody to her and she’s nobody to you. so indifference is given since there is no real reason to care too much about that random girl. now it’s fine to appreciate/dismiss something about her you see/hear but she’s still nobody to you. so the vibe is you’re interested yet skeptic. even though you’re the one making effort to meet each other your frame immediately force her to prove herself to you. you question her as much as you praise her. in short, curiosity.

those are principles, not abc methods. which means you can be high energy/low energy or aloof/engaging or friendly/intense. whatever fits you best. the common denominator those two is BEING CAREFREE. you’re carefree cause you don’t need a girl. you’re carefree cause you’re indifferent toward random girl.

at least that’s how i understand it

I like your broad understanding of internal satisfaction as a principle of seduction, however that is not how heartiste conceptualizes or teaches his ideas.

He is very specific and adament about confidence itself being the root of all attraction, that all attributes boil down to and can be replaced by confidence, and that the dictionary definition of being aloof is a core principle of attraction. The dangers in his engaging prose are that he downplays building up anything other than narcissistic charisma and he has little place in his scheme of things for non-charismatic hypergamous value, plus he discounts non-narcissistic masculine development, plus he subtly encourages anhedonia.

He shows no grasp of using bonding emotions to enslave a girl, and shows no signs of having such emotions to be able to use.

Although he is a founding father with vast insights, in many ways his water of life is toxic.


Not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant.
Conspicuously uninvolved and uninterested, typically through distaste.

remote – distant

Heartiste imagines that sociopathic anhedonia, or emotional color blindness, is not a deficit of ability but a freedom from disability.

In that he is deliberately ignorant and leading people astray. It is not subtle the damage he is causing.

It may be true that some people have some flavors of dark triad combinations that are relatively fixed, and for whom movement away into other ways of viewing life are unlikely.

However I think most of us are more fluid and have personalities that are more trainable.

Roissy’s entire world is explained within a dard triad framework. This framework is not as happy and content as other frameworks. Therefore if maximizing life satisfaction is peoples general aim, then most people will be harmed in their general life aim by following into and being captivated by the gravity of Roissy’s frame.