xsplat said: At this point in my life I’ll still work on both wings (internal development and external life architecture), but am very interested to focus on the external stuff. Especially after watching all sorts of HBO and netflix series about gathering power in the world. House of Cards has inspired some big plans in me.

Giovonny said: Which shows?

How has “House of Cards” inspired you?

The ultimate future of game is to be a charismatic leader, and the ultimate future of being a charismatic leader is political power over very large groups.

Even every song I hear now I hear through the lens of manipulating a group; entrancing a group mind into a resonance. I don’t just get into the song, I want to deconstruct how the song works to get other people involved. I want that power of the song for myself to use on others.

I want to learn and incorporate all the powers of manipulation. I have the technology for one on one manipulation well developed. My LTR slave game is tight, and I can keep deep intimacy in the context of non-monogamy. But I don’t know how to open strangers or work a group, have no public speaking experience, and have never run a cult.

I want it all – all the way to running a cult – and not even stopping there. I want to own newspapers and be politically connected. A Reverend Moon. I want to own schools and run youth camps. I want to be a state power, and a charismatic leader. I want to add value and take control of peoples lives where they have no direction or focus. I want to bring people together, infuse community spirit, give purpose and direction, add value, and get value. I want to be a charismatic business leader who leads a large group to financial success, and while doing so instills in underlings all the powers of leadership and organization.

And ultimately I want to create a dynasty of K invested R strategy babies. Three hundred babies by 100 elite women invested with all my money, power, political connections, guidance, wisdom, and our superior genes. An aristocracy that will have lasting influence, and have me well positioned in the event of life extension, sensory and brain augmentation technologies. When the robot army comes, some of the robots will be ours.

TV shows that have changed my mindset about power and inspired me:
Boardwalk Empire
Rome – on my 2nd viewing
The Sopranos
Sons of Anarchy
House of Cards – American series
House of Cards – British series – my favorite and I’ve watched 3 times so far