Takes3totango wrote: Can you elaborate more on point number 5, “manipulate the moods” and “inject some dramas”? I’ve always had trouble figuring out how to reconcile this with “being the grounded tree in her emotional storm”. By injecting drama, does that mean occasionally snapping back at her with some mild anger during her outbursts? Does it mean ignoring her for a period to get her wondering where you disappeared?

I would love some examples how to push and pull her emotions tp build that strong connection.

I really like your question, but you might not like my answer. I’m an ex heavy drinker, and so my moods had become habitually volatile. I found that worked out pretty well, and so kept many of those emotional habits around. I find that a cave man type of temper can work very well in a relationship. I don’t subscribe to the Mr. Spock school of Vulcan relationship game.

I am not a grounded tree in the girls emotional storm. I don’t tolerate emotional storms. If she wants to storm I’ll either kick her out of my place or leave it and go stay elsewhere, or I’ll scream at her. I don’t take shit. If she’s not happy, she has the option to leave. That’s it.

And I have my requirements and expectations.

She must:
1) fuck me regularly
2) dress well
3) keep a well tended clean and tidy house
4) tend to the kitchen and lovingly prepare me food on demand

If she backslides and forgets her duties I’ll get angry, and sometimes go off on a heavy rant at her. Not mild at all. I can get genuinely angry and show it. The woman has her job to do, and I feel neglected if she doesn’t do it. I work hard, and in doing so take care of her. It’s not a heavy demand on her to do her womanly duties.

Also I’ll go off on her if she throws some stupid jealous fit (which can go hand in hand with her passively aggressively neglecting her house duties). As that doesn’t put much of a stop to them, I sometimes kick her out for those or abandon her for them, then just wait it out. I can’t fix her wiring, but that doesn’t mean I must put up with emotional abuse. There have been times when I’ve responded to her crap with extreme negativity, and that’s all as it should be.

Again: I absolutely do not condone emotional reservation from the man. The man should be able to emotionally as well as physically as well as financially overpower the woman. That’s all hand and stick. And then he should also regularly make her come and come and swoon with romantic love. You should be able to keep a very warm and lusty ambiance up until the time that her behaviors demand a kick in the ass, and then you should be able to kick without reservation.

Maintaining a loving and lusty ambiance is a very large skill set that I almost never see discussed, as most men are most interested in getting the initial lay. But your authority to chastise in large part comes from your ability to emotionally overpower her frame into your positive one – your positive frame of lusty romance. That gives you authority over all of her life. That and having some solid financial future in store for her.

How to maintain a positive, heartfelt, happy, romantic, sexually charged, lusty ambiance?

Well, the chi-kung practice of the inner smile would be a good place to start. And libido enhancing practices will also help. I recommend chi-kung, and possibly also testosterone and hgh replacement therapy. Some chi-kung practices can make some men constantly sexually aroused and some other meditative practices can bring about a constant warm heartfelt loving feeling. A good combo for power over a woman. She’ll come to depend on you psychologically. THAT is your rock and bedrock. THAT gives you authority to be the storm.

Her storms have no authority and are not allowed.

There are many different characters that are successful. Consider how Gandalf was written to be: he was quick to anger, and quick to forgive and laugh. You don’t have to be emotionally reticent in order for a girl to consider you her bedrock. Just be honest and loving, and from that you can take no shit, and take it one further and be demanding. Girls LIKE it when you are demanding. They WANT big expectations made upon them. It means you are high value, and that you are apportioning them a position in your world.

A conditional position.