xsplat Wrote: I’m of the school of thought that it’s much easier to work on the external life structure than the internal method acting.

Giovonny Wrote: I think we must work on BOTH, at the same time.

I agree, but strangely it came to me as an insight that we need to work on the exterior world in order to be happy.

I mean, that should be obvious right?

But years of cultural and Buddhist and New Age conditioning had me believing that everything was in my head.

The manosphere is also heavily influenced by this New Age crap.

It IS strange that it should be an insight that working on our external world actually has the strongest power to most strongly affect our happiness, day to day and over the long term.

Everybody used to always know that.

I think a substrate of this new-age hyper-inflated-ego view that our ego is at the center of causality is the foundational belief in “equality”.

Uggh. Equality.

We’re all of the same class. We’re all of uniquely good if different abilities. We can all choose happiness based on what’s on the inside, based on our reactions to the world.

What a load of equalist crap. People in relatively higher social positions are relatively happier. Therefore… chink, clunk, gears turning… calculation… !!! Work on the external reality and get status and become happier!

For those who doubt, just compare your most unhappy times, and your happiest, and look to what the architecture of your life was like. What external circumstances supported your happiness, or were a barrier to it?

I’ve spent time in jail, so I know that time for sublime contemplation does not bring happiness. And I’ve gotten laid in jail, and was happy.

External things are closely tied in to happiness. Fresh young attractive faces attached to willing pussy, wealth, social status, a great place to stay, good food, and on and on.

New age egocentric introversion is not spiritual. It’s reality avoidance.