Let’s start with the biggest principles and work backwards to what specific actions to take.

I chose as my most important principle life satisfaction. I don’t see any tension in that between personal and communal satisfaction, as I see how making others happy also makes me happy, and so I reduce it down to personal satisfaction, knowing full well that I’ll be happiest if I also help others. And knowing that my satisfaction is primary and there will be times when I’ll chose that over helping others and even at the direct expense of others.

So, if I could create any world I wanted in order to maximize life satisfaction, what would I choose? What has made me happiest before? What was sustainable?

I’ve been very happy when in love, for the first six months to a year. That can be the peak of my sense of ease, contentment, joy, excitement, thrill, warm glow, sexual potency, delighted attention, and background buzz of joy-de-vivre.

I’ve also danced a happy dance every time I descended from my 10th floor apartment down the stairs in Thailand. I’d always sing to myself “It’s good to be alive”. During that time I’d been going to the gym regularly, so my big muscular chest would bob with each bounce. I also had from two to four regular girlfriends during this time. And I was semi-retired, with just enough work to keep me interested, and as much free time to pursue my favorite hobby – fucking – as I wanted.

Lately I’ve added male friends and business partners to what brings life satisfaction. It’s a big quality of life improvement – the kind of thing that once you get a taste of you never want to go without again.

Also I’m coming to realize that being motivated on a project is a form of life satisfaction in itself.

And so from all these elements I can piece together a working big picture:

1) Have the all male team be motivated in business and lifestyle projects, and work on those, in a good balance that captivates our interest but does not capture too much time – leaving plenty of time for fucking, sports, random accidental adventures, and so forth.
2) Have two main full time girlfriends that are deeply bonded to me, whom I love. A flower can not remain in bloom for years, but a garden can be cultivated to bloom throughout seasons and years. Being in love can be a lifestyle choice.
3) Have a third fuck buddy who I have crazy excellent sexual chemistry with.
4) Have sexual meetings with about two new random girls per month.
5) Travel for three weeks out of every three months.
6) Move home base location (with the crew of guys) every two years to a new city, preferably in a new country.
7) Have the business create lifestyle opportunities as well as wealth, such that we’ll have access to tens, then hundreds, then possibly thousands of attractive young women who will consider us very high status and eminently fuckable.

I’ve actually laid out in some detail all the actionable steps needed to realize this vision, and consider it practical. Every day we take further steps towards this. And so far I’ve got a good chunk of it realized.

This approach to life does not occur to most people. People have far more limited visions about what is achievable.

In your big picture, what is is that you want, if you could have anything at all? And then what do you think could be a realistic goal to take practical daily steps towards?