Rivelino gives us these excerpts from the Danger and Play Blog:

10 Ways to Not Get Laid

September 12, 2012

Find fault in every girl.

Stand in a corner of the bar.

Wait for a girl to give you permission before approaching her.

Overthink and analyze everything.

Eye Contact Game

August 27, 2012

If a girl looks down ground, she views herself as lower status than you. Do not neg or be cocky to a girl who looks down. She is already feeling insecure and you will sabotage the exchange if you go on strong. Go direct with a simple, “Hi.” Girls who look to the side after making eye contact view you as an equal or an inferior. Run hard game on girls who look at you sideways. Use indirect openings, negs, etc. If you look down, it means you’re submissive. If you look down after making eye contact with a woman, you have subconsciously told her that you’re a worm. You’ve lost the game.

30 Minute Workout/The Break Even Workout

August 3, 2012

Guys, as with many things in life, success is often about showing up. We all have shitty days. We all want to kill ourselves sometimes. You can’t avoid having down days. Happiness is transient and fickle. But you will not allow one down day ruin the next day. Show up today and you’ll eventually feel better tomorrow.

You’re Not Entitled to Happiness

July 31, 2012

If you are out of shape, broke, have no game, have no personality, have a negative personality, life will suck for you. Everything and everyone will suck for you. Life is simple when you realize, Everything that sucks is my fault. Either my emotional response to the situation is overborne or else I am not doing enough to change my external environment.” If you want life to stop sucking, find out where you fucked up.

Why Do You Recommend So Many Books?

July 30, 2012

If you go into a successful person’s library, you’re going to see the same “cheesy” self-help books. If the haters were right about those books, then why do so many successful people recommend them? Haters
aren’t reading anything. Ignore the haters. Do not interact with haters. If a friend asks you a cunty, passive-aggressive question, end the friendship before they lower your average. Build a legit crew of guys who are too building themselves up to have time to tear you down. Also, if your family sucks, cut them off.

Building Your Crew

July 26, 2012

Having a legit crew will raise you up. If you hang out with losers, you will become a loser. If you hang out with winners, you will become a winner. Get away from people who will bring you down. Get them out of your life, and no situation in life will seem inescapable.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. -Jim Rohn

The #1 Metaphor of Life

July 23, 2012

Whatever you ate today is now part of your body. Did you eat protein and lots of detoxifying vegetables? If so, your body is becoming stronger, cleaner, and healthier. You are the builder. Did you tell yourself that you will be rich, successful, and strong? Did you focus on your Philosophy, Attitude, Activity, Results, Lifestyle? You are the builder. Did you go to the gym, forcing your muscles and ligaments to endure heavy weights? Did you sweat out toxins? You are the builder. Did you hang out with positive, driven people? If so, you’ve built a strong safety net. You’ve built a collection of people who will be there for you in your time of need and who will inspire you to greatness. You are the builder. You are building yourself brick-by-brick, atom-by-atom, day-by-day, year-by-year, person-by-person, book-by-book, weight-by-weight. You are the builder. Once you reject the notion that “life happens” and accept that you are the builder, ask yourself: What are you building?

To Win the Game, Become Egoless

July 18, 2012

Although the ego ostensibly exists to protect you from the cruel world, the ego itself is fragile. It is an egg-shell thin helmet. Guys who can’t leave their egos at the entrance to the BJJ studio don’t last long. They can’t deal with the psychological blow of learning that, “I’m not special.” Thirty times you are told, “If I didn’t let go of your neck, you would be unconscious. I could pin you down and fuck your ass. How you like me now?” Being put into a situation where you are powerless isn’t something most men – especially “alpha males” – can do. Most guys wash out. The guys who stick with training learn several valuable lessons. It’s only a game. You learn from each loss. Each loss makes you better. Most guys are home watching TV. Showing up is an accomplishment. Even the worst guy at the BJJ gym could defend himself against 80% of American men. What happens in training doesn’t matter. It’s only a game. Now how does your ego harm your game? I’ve had girls laugh in my face, throw drinks on me, tell me, “You need to take a shower,” call me the creepy old guy for showing up on college night. And that’s only the stuff that wasn’t so damaging that it hasn’t been repressed deep into my unconscious. Who cares?

The Winning Question

July 13, 2012

Men are losers because they refuse to ask themselves the single most important question a man can ask. It’s a question that hurts feelings – which feminized Western men seem to have a lot of. It’s a question we won’t ask because it cuts through all of the bullshit lies we tell ourselves. It’s a question that applies to everything we do. It’s a question we can’t hide from: Am I being a pussy?

Lie About Your Age

June 26, 2012

When I tell guys to lie about their age, they all say the same thing, “What if she finds out the truth?” Questions like that are why I could never earn a living being a “dating coach.” Seriously, guys, that is such a gay ass question that I can’t even handle it. Are you a bunch of fags? Who cares? Besides, if you fuck a chick right, she won’t care about the earlier lies. Just run this escape tactic:

-I have something to tell you.

-What is it, babe?

-I don’t know if I should tell you, as it would ruin everything.

-[Thinking you have weeping AIDS sores and a felony rap sheet for child molestation] It’s OK, babe. It doesn’t matter. Just tell me.

She’ll tell you that all is forgiven. The escape also allows you to share an intimate moment. What you guys don’t understand about women is hurting you. Women don’t have a firm understanding of truth and falsity. Truth is eternal. Women only understand how they feel in the present moment. When you confess your lies, she will feel great! “It took a lot of courage to come clean. I feel that we’ve grown closer as a couple. It’s important for you to know that you can tell me anything.” Lie about your age. And spare me any bullshit about morality. I can assure you that she’s halved her total number of sexual partners. Seduction is deception.

If you fuck a chick right, she won’t care about the earlier lies.

Fifty Shades of Grey Sex: Asserting Ownership

May 21, 2012

A real man is a violent one, and masculinity is nothing if not restrained aggression. To be a man is to be five seconds away from killing someone. There are tens of millions of good – which is to say, neutered – guys in America, and yet women consistently end up with dominant, strong, violent men. The question isn’t whether women want to be dominated. The question is whether you are man enough to dominate them.

Instead of saying, “You enjoy fucking, don’t you, you little slut,” you should say, “You enjoy fucking me, don’t you?” Using ownership language during sex will improve your sex live and also put your girl on the path to becoming your pet. It’s a necessary first step to owning her body, mind, and soul.

50 Shades of Grey Sex: Introduction

May 19, 2012

First, it’s no secret that women want a dominant man. We rarely make that statement with such candor, instead saying that women “want a man who knows what he wants,” or that a man “shouldn’t be afraid to take
what he wants.” Ultimately, though, women want dominated. Second, women want to be infantilized. How many women want to make decisions? Women make terrible leaders because of an inherent need to be controlled. They ask questions and seek suggestions. They prattle on and never take action. Much relationship misery results from failing to understand that a woman, no matter her age, is no different from a child.

Using Visualization to Take Your Game to the Next Level

April 5, 2012

I don’t open with a neg. I don’t tell a story to demonstrate higher value (DHV). I don’t sweat the interaction. I simply approach someone who has been dying to talk to me all night. If you’re feeling a little tense about talking to a girl, stop yourself. Take a deep break. “She wants to meet me. Of course I should go talk to her. It will make her night.”

How to Choke a Woman

December 26, 2011

Women only want to have consensual sex with men they know could rape them. Choking is also a useful indicator of your alphaness. If women do not regularly let you choke them, your game is weak. You are giving off a weak, vagina-drying vibe.

Choke Game: The Theoretical Justification

December 24, 2011

If you want to truly understand women – and yourself – start choking women during sex.

The Game Starts in Your Bedroom Mirror

October 31, 2011

If you look boring, no woman will wonder about your story. If you look good, women will be curious. Female curiosity is easy to spot.

How to Tell if a Game Writer is Reputable

September 16, 2011

There are a lot of ways to spot whether a person is lying about his ability to meet women, but there is one major tell that seems prominent on many game blogs: they tell you to never pay for dates. I understand the rationale behind not paying for dates. I won’t buy a girl dinner until we’ve had sex, and I won’t buy a girl a drink outright. She needs to earn it by providing me 15-20 minutes of good company beforehand.

Shame is the Game Killer

September 1, 2011

Complete strangers? Who gives a fuck. What they think or feel shouldn’t prevent you from approaching a girl. Eliminate shame, and you will have eliminated the single biggest game killer.

On-Time Departure

August 31, 2011

The first premise of my game: She is lucky to be with me. I like thinking in metaphors, and view my relationship with women as an airplane at the terminal. The plane is scheduled to leave, and it’s
going somewhere cool. Either get on the plane, or don’t. Whether you get on the plane or not, the plane will still leave the terminal. Always let your girl know that you are running shit. She doesn’t get to decide what you’re doing. She either answers yes, or no. She either gets to join you, or not. Because whatever she says, you’ll still be doing what you’re going to do.

I’m also a longstanding fan of D&Ps writing. He seems to have a knack for stating unpalatable views in a way that doesn’t invite opposition.

Sometimes I’ll say what appears to be the exact same concept, such as dominate a woman in bed (coming from a place of strong passion), or assume a paternal role, and people say how that’s not at all relevant because I’m living in SE Asia.

There are writers all over the manosphere who never mention being emotionally opaque, distant, stand offish and aloof, and in fact talk in great detail in so many ways about being dominant and open and sexually up front. Passionate in a masculine way, even.

Somehow D&P makes all of that effortlessly cool, while I just rub peoples noses in how their thinking is deeply flawed and wrong. And then the reaction that I get is that what I say is wrong because I’m in SEA.

Maybe we have the carrot and stick approach to teaching? He teaches through honey and carrot – “this is cool, you can be cool too”. I like to also teach through stick and vinegar; “stop being wrong”.

Persuasive rhetoric is difficult, and D&P is persuasive.