LibertarianBootyHunter: Brotip: Applying Nicotine on your dick to get chicks addicted to sucking your cock.

I know some of you brahs ( especially newbies) got problems with getting regular BJ’s from some girls.

My regular who lives a couple hours away used to be very reluctant to give me a proper sloppy blowjob.

She merely takes in the tip and even then it is just an unenthusiastic movement of the mouth and weak stroke of her wrists.

Fucks like a champ though !

I decided to put some nicotine on my cock to alleviate this problem by getting her slightly addicted to it.

I have to say it has done wonders to the blowjob department of my sex life !

Her enthusiasm has skyrocketed and 2 days ago randomly unzipped my pants to give me a blowjob … without me asking ! Usually i have to push hard for it.

Just dissolve some Nictone lozenges in some olive oil and put it on your dick before she gives you a BJ. Tell her its for her own taste.

I run my own brands of game on girls to get them addicted to me. Fundamentally I see no difference. My game is equally as evil. Worse, even, as I get them to fall in love. I’m already a master at removing free will.

Oxytocin is more addictive than heroin, as I recall.

There is no such thing as cheating.

I want to know why such concoctions haven’t been invented before.

Never mind what is right and wrong. Never mind what is cheating. Just ask yourself this one simple question; “What would evolution do?”

Evolution has ALREADY made us hugely addicted to pussy. And dick. Hugely – way way way more than just to some minor phytochemical.

But if your ancestors had access to this technology, they would have had the advantage.

What will evolution do? Maybe it will start to do this.

It’s my aim to be irreplaceable to a girl. Once she has me she’ll be ruined for other men, and will never come close to getting her emotional or sexual needs met in a similar way by any other man. That’s the plan, at least. To that end I use my stratagems.

This has the same goal and comes in a liquid.

But Jeesus tapdancing online marketter, I see a business opportunity here.

The trick would be to get famous enough that you have male customers, but not too famous that girls get suspicious of cock flavorings.

If I ever do this, I’ll shoot you some royalties, RBH.

But damn, that’s a business model that would generate some serious heat. Talk about feminist uproar. It would almost be worth the effort just to see the hubub – like throwing handfulls of coins in down a grade school hallway just to see people scramble.

“He took away my agency! I’m a victim of the patriarchy! Can’t you see the pattern? Now I’m litterally addicted to his dick! He has power over me and I’m a helpless waif, unless I band together with all womankind to stop this abuse and empower women to be free of tyranny! Women shall not need men! Women shall only want men from a place of perfect non-needy agency! Down with dick hunger!”

Now that I’m on a rant, I may as well admit to the same mocking emotion towards MGTOW guys who feel that pussy is too addictive and that men should be free of wants. Jeesus heroin snorting Christ man. To be alive is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Get over it. It’s all just gradations on the same theme. There is no freedom. Just win. You can’t win the game through not playing it. Desire is a huge part of how you win – you don’t win by eliminating desire.

And I say that as a long time heavy duty student and practitioner of Buddhism. Attempting to eliminate desire is a fools game at worst, and at best a temporary, challenging, if futile diversion.

Or, addiction is a good thing. It’s why we are even here at all. Evolution is based on it, fundamentally, so let’s all thank our lucky addictions.

Personally I’m addicted to bliss. So I fuck a lot with a variety of pretty young women in ways that maximize that bliss and extend it as long as possible. It’s as good a hobby as I know.

The trick with addictions is to carefully choose them such that you maximize the highs and lessen the lows. It’s not that addictions are bad – it’s that some of the cruder ones don’t lead to sustainable highs. The best ones often require some meditative disciplines and have a long future time line for reward.

But things like coffee, cigarettes, chocolate and booze can all be addictions managed to improve overall quality of life. Just because homeostasis isn’t static and eating makes us sated doesn’t mean that eating isn’t a life good. Same for all other pleasure and homeostasis related chemical circuits. We don’t need a flat line of constancy in order to point and say – aha! I’ve achieved happiness! Want and desire are part of happiness.