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Pua’s worship confidence religiously

Posted by xsplat on May 20, 2013

In reply to the brainstorming idea of mixing addictive substances with sex lube because:

xsplat: I’m thinking of a way to hook girls who fall less easily under my specific charms. I’ve had the occasional hot girl get away that I would have preferred to keep around longer. You know the type; the girl with the super hot alpha fiance who likes to fuck around for fun. My style of getting girls to swoon in romance doesn’t work perfectly across the board – especially for girls who don’t bond easily and have ready access to top men.

Doulos2Gam writes: It could be that you are perceiving them incorrectly. Maybe the reason they fucked with you in the first place was because they thought you was perfect for what they are looking for. Which is a alpha male that can fuck her hard.

You get too attach and they leave.

It is no different than what we do as players. Once a girl doesn’t fit the profile NEXT!!

The best players not only game others but they game themselves.

Nah, that’s just a bunch of pick up artistry jargon and feel good circle jerk frame. The PUA version of “You’re not fat deary! It’s what’s on the inside that counts! Just be confident!”

Real life has real girls who ditch you because they have other more interesting options.

No amount of PUA self hypnosis trumps real life.

I’m not all about protecting my precious and dainty little self worth. I’m about knowing what I want and getting it. Sometimes I want a hot girl with options who is a high flight risk. I’m not about to re-write my personal narrative in order to protect my self conception. “I don’t really want that hot girl! I have ABUNDANCE!!!!”

But I know what you are thinking. “Oh noooos! If I let that thought enter my mind stream all my confidence will deflate, and girls won’t want to fuck me! Evil thought! Banish the evil thought! Maintain confidence! Quick, jump on an empowering forum of like minded men to bolster our irrational over-confidence! Ex-communicate all nay-sayers and ban all subtle game deniers! CONFIDENCE is the supreme mantra! Ohm, confidence confidence. Ohm, shasti confidence. Ohm guru mahadeva confidence.”

5 Responses to “Pua’s worship confidence religiously”

  1. Johnny Caustic said

    Hilarious. And true.

  2. TheHiddenMaster said

    Confidence is an internal marker, one that in the “meat market” gives an insight into the mind of the man that a woman is talking to. What the PUAs fail to state (they may understand, but even if they did they would not say so as it would undermine the premise which supports their bottom line) is that it is merely ONE of many markers that woman make their decisions by; unlike most men they are very skilled at using both internal and external markers for mate choice.

    Style- external
    Social proof- external.
    Wealth- external.
    Confidence- internal.
    Humor- internal.
    Happiness- internal.

    PUAs depend on using internal markers to advertise their product (the men that they train). By “faking” internal mental markers, ie showing false confidence, putting on a fake level of positivity and energy, and dressing the part; the PUAs put a sheep in wolf’s clothing. They take the average man and turn him into an actor, a performance, a lie. The lie gives women the impression that he is something special, when in reality he is not. They might fool some women, some of the time, but women know a real wolf when they see one. Their instincts cry out to them “farce, liar, fake- he is not the real deal!”. And thus the woman tests him, constantly- because her subconscious knows, deep down, that a wolf does not BAAAAAAAAH.

  3. TGR White said

    Confidence is what most PUA’s lacked. For many confidence is the biggest game changer because going from talking to no women to talking to one woman is a massive step.

    • xsplat said

      The fact that confidence is attractive is no basis for a world based upon self hypnosis.

      Self hypnosis is fragile and erroneous and inferior.

  4. yousowould said

    Brutal self honesty is the only real way to ensure you keep progressing in life. As soon as you start lying to yourself, you lose the ability to address the problems that are holding you back. In my experience, most people don’t have a strong enough ego to handle the truth about their actual station in life, and so deceive themselves.

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